25 signs your ex never cared about you

It was over.

You finally realized that your ex just didn’t care.

Sure, they may have loved you at one time, but one day they changed and all of a sudden became someone that you never recognized or understood.

A part of you died when them and it hurts so much to know that they could care less about what happened inside the relationship.

Sad truths, but here are 25 signs your ex never cared about you:

1) You were never a priority

All the time and effort that you poured into the relationship was almost always appreciated, but never reciprocated.

There were not many times when they would ask how your day went or what you were up to.

If you wanted to go out, it was always a ‘maybe.’

It hurt so much because there were so many times that you found yourself wondering if they even gave a s*it about you or the relationship, and it turns out… they didn’t!

2) They broke your heart over and over again

The ex never was truly sorry for saying awful things or treating you poorly. They would all of a sudden say something nice and make it seem like it was cool that they upset or hurt you.

It was never about them, but about them letting you down.

You were constantly trying to prove to them that you were worth the time and effort that they invested in, but they never returned.

They took your heart for granted no matter how many times you gave it to them.

3) You were always trying to catch their attention

You know that feeling when you want to get their attention but you just don’t know how?

You were desperate for them to notice when something about you makes you feel pretty or special.

Even though they were never really interested in the first place, you were still trying to present yourself well and be the best version of yourself for them. You never knew what they wanted because they never told you.

Your feelings didn’t matter, but theirs did.

4) The love was one-sided

The worst feeling ever is knowing that you respected and loved your ex well more than they did for you.

You gave them everything, but they never truly showed they cared about you. They would just say things that didn’t make sense or never admit to how they truly felt.

They seemed appreciative at first, but once they got comfortable, it was like a mask got thrown off—and the real person came out.

It hurt so much! Being treated like nothing always sends an emotional knife through your heart. You feel worthless and hurt because of the indifferences that were made by them.

5) They didn’t value your time together

Remember that feeling when you finally spend some time with your ex and it was the best time ever?

Yeah, it never really seemed like that.

You were never excited to hang out because they would make you feel like they had somewhere better to be or someone else to meet.

Your ex didn’t really care about the time you spent together, if you will ask them about a certain memory, expect that they won’t remember it.

They simply didn’t care about you as much as you did them.

6) They made you feel bad about yourself

It got to the point where you were sick of trying and pleasing your ex. You learned that no matter how many compliments you gave, it was never going to be enough to balance out their insulting comments.

They would always make you feel like something was wrong with you and that they were somehow better than you. You felt invisible and worthless because even though you professed love, you were still trying to prove them wrong.

What’s worse is that they would never ever make you feel better—they only made you feel worse. You learned that there was no amount of effort that you or your love could give them.

7) They never respected you

They always had something to say about how you acted or how you handled yourself.

You were constantly being praised and then criticized by them. It was hard to know what they wanted and sometimes it didn’t even make sense. They were never truly happy that you were living your life the way you wanted to.

And the boundaries you’ve tried to set? They were not seen nor cared about. You tried to be in control, but they didn’t see it that way.

You were trying your best to make them see how you felt and yet they still didn’t care—they just wanted to be right.

8) They took advantage of you

They said one thing but did another. They made you believe that you were useless to them, and in reality, you were there for a reason.

Their goal was to make you feel like the relationship was a one-way street and all they had to do was sit back and relax while you did everything.

You don’t deserve that!

Now think about the times when you were only appreciated when they needed something from you when they made you feel like they were doing you a favor.

You deserved more but never got it.

9) They made you feel stupid and undesirable

The ex would make you feel like a worthless human being for the things that went wrong during the relationship. If you asked for advice on something, they would find every reason to insult or belittle your decisions.

Truth be told, it’s almost like they were laughing at your accomplishments.

The worst part is that no matter how hard you worked and how much you wanted to do what was best for them, they still found a way to insult you and make you feel not good enough.

They didn’t have time for your feelings and overall, only wanted to use you in order to accomplish their goals.

10) They pulled away when things got rough

You wanted to be there for your ex through thick and thin, but when things got difficult, they didn’t have time for you… or maybe they did but never showed it.

Your ex made you feel like the relationship was something that dragged on more than it should. You should have never wasted your time with them.

They didn’t want to support you, so they pulled away and left you behind when things got hard.

And yes, they let go of you because they didn’t care enough—they gave up on their responsibilities and left you with the mess they created themselves.

The good news is that they didn’t give you any love, but they did teach you what you deserve.

They showed you how to deal with their kind of people who never cared about anything but themselves.

And the best advice to give yourself is to walk away from the kind of people who never appreciate the things you do for them.

11) They made you feel like you were never enough

How toxic it is when you’re dating someone and they’re not even trying. They didn’t even care about you, but expected you to be there for them.

They are the kind of people who will only take advantage of your love, your time, and all that’s good in you and then leave after they’ve had their fun with you.

And you know what? They made you feel like your sacrifices meant nothing to them no matter how much work you did to make their life just a little bit easier.

12) Every single thing you did was for nothing

You tried your best to make things work between you and your ex and yet, they would never even try to do the same thing for you.

Every time when you thought that things were going smoother and every time when you felt like they were trying to compromise, they just left at the first sign of trouble.

They didn’t care about how your life has been affected by their actions and how hard it is going through such a relationship. They only cared about themselves and how they were doing—they were more than happy to throw everything away.

They made you feel like nothing you did was good enough for them, but that’s a lie!

You’ve done so much for them, they just didn’t care enough to even try.

13) They made you feel like a mistake

You were so happy at the beginning of the relationship that things seemed to be going great. Then it all started to go downhill as soon as something went wrong.

They made you feel like you were in a mistake for even getting involved with them when it was obvious that they weren’t interested in getting to know you.

You made so many sacrifices for them, only to have them treat you the worst ways possible. They didn’t care about you in any way and it’s very obvious that they’ll never change.

Knowing this and paying attention to the signs that show that they should have cared more but didn’t, makes it much easier to walk away from an abusive relationship.

14) You were not introduced to their family

The one thing that makes you feel happy and loved would be when your romantic partner introduced you to their family.

But if your ex made it known that you were some kind of mistake, they wouldn’t want to introduce you to their family. Ever!

The ex would make it seem like something was wrong with either of them or the relationship for them not being able to introduce you and if that’s the case, stay away from this person at all costs.

15) Even to their friends! You were kept hidden

They made you feel like a joke to the outside world and wouldn’t allow anyone to think otherwise by making it known that you were in a relationship with them.

They made it seem like they weren’t proud of the fact that they were with you and didn’t want to get other people to know about you, especially to their friends.

Their actions speak louder than words, and if they never brought you out to their friends or family, it blatantly means that they just weren’t proud of being with you.

And that’s okay because the right person would be proud of having you in their life!

16) They were never interested to meet your family

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of your ex is how much they didn’t care about all the sacrifices you did for them.

What a huge red flag when your ex didn’t even ask about your family?

If your ex never even took the time to meet your family during that long relationship, they clearly never took you seriously.

17) They didn’t listen to your dreams and goals

If they did care about you, they should have cared about what you want in your life.

They should have listened to your dreams and goals that were important, but they didn’t care enough to listen once you told them what you wanted in a relationship between the two of you.

A little bit of effort could’ve gone a long way, but they didn’t even want to listen as much as they wanted to take advantage and get everything without doing anything for it.

They would make it known that your dreams and desires weren’t important to them.

18) You felt used

This one’s just plain horrible.

They would make you feel like they were using you for your money or to get things that they couldn’t get from anyone else.

They wouldn’t give a damn about your time and would make it seem like it was more important for them to use you instead.

They made it seem like you meant nothing to them and didn’t care about how their actions impacted you.

19) They told a lot of lies

They would tell you a lot of lies and little white lies to make themselves looked good, but not to make you feel better about their actions.

They lied about everything, including the obvious. They would lie about why they did what they did at the beginning of your relationship or whenever the relationship went downhill.

They would never admit to things and instead, would tell you what you wanted to hear so that they could get away with it.

20) You didn’t see any effort from them

They made it seem like they were trying, but you never saw any effort from them at all.

They never cared enough to make an effort for you and only cared about themselves.

Open your eyes, they never wanted to get to know you, but only wanted to get you in a relationship so that they could just sit back and do nothing while using you.

Both of you were supposed to do efforts, but they made it seem like making an effort didn’t matter.

You may feel like you’re worthless, but you’re not!

21) They never cared about their appearance!

This may be obvious, but I just want to emphasize how much of a red flag this is.

When people care about their appearance, they probably would want to look good for the person they love. They would want to be able to look their best for the person they care about, but if they never cared about their appearance, that’s just an obvious way of showing that they didn’t care.

They wouldn’t take time to look good or take time caring about what you think of them.

22) They were always late

If they were never late for anything important, it just meant that they cared about the relationship with you.

But otherwise, they wouldn’t make it known that they needed to be held accountable for their actions, but instead, make excuses and complain about how they didn’t have time to meet you for dates or spend quality time with.

This person is a liar and you probably don’t want to stay with them, because they would make it seem like they didn’t care about how much time you spent on them.

23) They were never grateful for what you did for them

They would always complain about everything that you did for them and would make it seem like their life was worst because you were with them.

They would make it seem like they were the only person who mattered and that you should be thankful for that.

And you know what else went wrong? They would make it seem like your time was less important than theirs and would never show gratitude when you did something for them.

24) You didn’t feel loved

Love isn’t everything. But when you feel like you aren’t enough for your ex, you’ll never be happy.

You can’t remember the time that they told you they love you, but if you could, it didn’t feel sincere. When you love someone, your actions and reactions are the most sincere ways of showing them that you care about them.

However, if they don’t care about you, you’ll never feel loved or cared for by the person who’s supposed to love and care for you.

25) They never truly apologized for hurting you

You remember having a heated argument one day and thought it was going to end in a breakup?

That never happened, but boy did he or she ever apologize for everything that was said in the heat of the moment.

Apologizing to you was just not important because even though they apologized, they made it seem like it was somehow your fault.

Everything I just said may not be true for you, but trust me when I say that if they never apologized for making you cry or make you feel worthless, they don’t care about you.

Cutting them off was the best decision

It’s your ex’s fault that they didn’t care; it’s their fault that they never cared.

Just as everyone else deserves true love and devotion, so does YOU.

You’ve learned what doesn’t work and how to spot people who simply want to use you for a quick fix.

People will come into your life, but the ones who truly care about you won’t leave when things get hard.

But love is hard to understand, though not impossible. And in order for you to know if your relationship means something, it’s important for both of you to show how much you care and love each other through every step of your life.

You’re worth so much more than someone who only sees the good side of things when it benefits them.

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