5 Apology Gift Ideas

5 Apology Gift Ideas

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on May 26, 2021
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In all fairness, arguments and fights are normal in a relationship. If your relationship were a recipe for chicken wings, your fights and arguments would be the spices and hot chili sauce. Without them, your relationship might be pretty dull, and all you might be talking about is how your day went. 

However, don’t think of this as a way of saying that you and your partner should fight. Of course, you need to maintain your relationship’s serenity, but when arguments happen, don’t let those fights take a toll on your relationship. 

One way to keep your relationship strong despite your frequent bickering and squabbles is by apologizing. Forgiveness is very important in a relationship. Everyone knows that no one is a perfect partner–from time to time, any of you could do something that’ll burst one of you into flames. Telling them you’re sorry is a thing, but giving them an apology gift takes you on a whole new level. 

So, check out these apology gift ideas below and see which ones will match your partner’s level of temper!


1. Flower Bouquet

Who doesn’t go jelly over stunning flower bouquets? Flowers had become one of the most popular apology gifts even up to this way, and don’t worry, it still works every time! But maybe your partner has received plenty of red roses in the past from all the apologizing you did before, so why not give them something different this time? 

There are plenty of flowers that’s perfect for saying your apology on a more personal level. You can have tulips, ranunculus, hydrangeas, lilies, and more. Don’t forget to add a sincere greeting card stating how genuinely sorry you are and how you value your relationship more than that silly toilet seat or TV show. For a more romantic surprise, you can have it delivered to your partner’s workplace.


2. Diamond Necklace

Many people say that giving jewelry is suitable for those major screw-ups like forgetting your anniversary, not telling your partner about that party you attended without her, or worse, missing her birthday celebration! But really though, why miss your partner’s birthday! Anyways, if you have a lot of making up to do, the best way to express your apology is by gifting her a diamond necklace.

Make sure to find something that suits her personality or style. Plus, don’t forget to say your sincere apologies in person after putting the necklace around her neck, or otherwise, you’ll find yourself sulking after a bad breakup. Remember, it’s all about sincerity and not only about the bling.


3. I’m Sorry Balloons

Balloons aren’t only for kids, birthday parties, or new year’s. They’re good for fixing some of your wrongs, too. So, get yourself some personalized balloons printed with the words ‘I’m Sorry,’ ‘I Love You,’ and ‘I screwed up.’ 

Before you blow up these balloons, make an effort to write a few genuine messages on paper strips explaining how sorry you are. Insert those strips into the balloons then you can either send them off to her workplace or tie those balloons in her room so it’ll be the first thing your partner sees when they get home.


4. Breakfast In Bed

Did you have an argument with your partner last night before you both went to bed? Unfortunately, that’s a sad way to end a long day. What’s worst, you made your partner sleep while feeling upset and without fixing things, which is kind of bad, too. 

To make it up to them, set your alarm as early as you can to make sure you’re the one who wakes up first. Additional side note, make sure they don’t wake up with your alarm as that’ll only piss them off more and ruin your apology plan.  

Once you’re up, get yourself busy in the kitchen and prepare her favorite breakfast. It may be pancakes, sausages, eggs, or toasted bread. You can play with their food by shaping them into a heart as well as both I and U letters. Once done, arrange them nicely beside her cup of coffee and a sticky note saying how sorry you were for last night. To make it sweeter and increase your chances of being forgiven, you can also add some flowers.


5. Chocolate Gift Set

If your partner is a chocolate lover, cheer her up with a chocolate gift set. The cool thing about chocolates is that you can give them in any form–chocolate bouquet, chocolate box, chocolate lollipops, chocolate basket, and more! Make sure to pick the one you think she’ll love the most, and don’t forget to add your ‘I’m sorry’ note. Show her how serious you are in making this right.



So there you have it! A list of some of the top apology gift ideas you can try every time you screw up. Regardless of which ones you’ll be giving to your partner, don’t forget that the essence of the apology gift is to apologize and sincerely mend things up again. Asking for forgiveness in a relationship is a beautiful thing, so value it, and never ever try to watch your favorite TV show again without your partner beside you, else you may find yourself browsing for this list again!  


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5 Apology Gift Ideas

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