How It Works

1. You have a breakup (sorry about that)

2. You visit Never Liked It Anyway and decide that offloading some breakup baggage would be a pretty cathartic thing to do.

3. You create a profile (logging in through FB, Twitter or creating one from scratch)

4. You create a listing. Let’s just imagine you decide to sell that record collection of songs you just cant listen to anymore – tell us all about the product, the story of what happened and your bounce back plan. You also list the real world price and then the breakup price.

5. Someone sees your records and can’t believe their luck!

6. They buy the collection on Never Liked It Anyway immediately – through a secure payment center

7. You send the lucky buyer their records in the mail

8. We send you your money

9. You’ve now got the cash to fund your bounceback plan. Excellent stuff!

10. You feel better, faster.





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How It Works

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