Retail Therapy with a Twist: Unique Things to Buy Yourself After a Break Up

Retail Therapy with a Twist: Unique Things to Buy Yourself After a Break Up

Posted by Kacey on June 14, 2017
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Eating your feelings, binge-watching shows and retail therapy are the order of post-split operations. Yet, break up buys also account for the largest shopping sprees, or roughly $48 more than regular impulse buys on payday. If you’re going to do retail therapy, you’ve got to do it right, ladies.

Retail therapy may sound counter-intuitive and counter-productive, but this twist will get you out of your rut and into the world without breaking the bank — or it’ll at least make it worth it. Invest in these unique things after a break up to embrace the fierce and amazing being you are:

  1. Shoes Fit for the Dancing Queen

Want to know the secret to why people look so suave when they do spins in the club and on “Dancing with the Stars?” Dance shoes are the secret, folks.

Celebrate your newfound freedom by buying new dance shoes to release your inner Dancing Queen: The best have soles that are suede or leather, for just the right amount of grip and slide.

Go check out a swing, jazz, salsa or bachata class first, to see if it’s your thing. You’ll meet a new circle of friends enthusiastic about dance and trying new moves, and social dance will put you in touch with your personal rhythm on the dance floor and in life.

  1. Pack Light with a New Suitcase

Wow, it feels so good to let go of the baggage of an old relationship. Buy yourself a new suitcase that has just enough room to fit your things in as a carry on.

How many days can you fit in one suitcase? Next is deciding where you are off to… because there are new adventures ahead!

  1. Be a Better Bitter with a French Press

Ground yourself with a better bitter taste. You need a french press, stat, to make an easy and delicious cup of espresso ground coffee: the method soaks the grounds in hot water without a power source.

If you’ve been going through the motions of sleep or missing out on shut-eye, open your eyes wide to the possibilities before you with this perfect tool to replace the old Tool in your life.

  1. Get Your Groupon On

Whether it’s a well-deserved getaway to a spa or a few classes in fun topics, getting your Groupon on has its advantages. You’ll save money on your retail, and you could invite your sister or bestie for a nice massage or to a painting class.

Redeeming the voucher is easy, but it’s always good to check with the business the deal is offered at about specifics. Take the Groupon challenge, and stumble on something new to try!

  1. Adorn Yourself with Sparkly Bits

You may not feel shiny, but you are shiny. You’re a freaking Goddess, woman! It’s time to adorn yourself with sparkly bits — getting yourself a classy piece of jewelry because you’re a class act. Find a style that expresses who you are, and hold out for right deal as you check out various retailers. If you’re going to invest in quality jewelry, make it worth your while, because you’re worthwhile.

Maybe that cheapo ex of yours never got you anything special or you’ve gone too long without investing in yourself… Stop discounting yourself, literally. Don’t break the bank, but get yourself something nice because you deserve it.

  1. Let Your Inner Badass Out with a Leather Jacket

While you may not be the rocker type, there’s something that makes you instantly feel like a badass boss when you don a leather jacket. It doesn’t have to be a biker style, either. There are all kinds of killer leather jackets, and skirts, out there for every personality type.

Invest in a leather jacket, vegan or not, to add a bit of badassery back into your life and closet. It’s a classic fashion piece that every woman can use in her life.

Make sure these are items you’ll see yourself using at least two years from now. You don’t want to break the bank on something you’re going to toss or resale as a post-split impulse buy.

If you’re doing retail therapy, you’ve got to do it right. Ask yourself: Does this purchase add something to my life? What does it signify for me? Stick with the classics, and choose buys that add sparkle and spark back into your life. You deserve it.

Now, redo that eyeliner, and get in the car: It’s time to go shopping.


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Retail Therapy with a Twist: Unique Things to Buy Yourself After a Break Up

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