10 tips on how to create an online dating profile that stands out to men

10 tips on how to create an online dating profile that stands out to men

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on June 23, 2023
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Ever wondered, in the big city of online dating, how does one create a profile that not only stands out but becomes a beacon for the right kind of men?

A profile that catches the eye, sparks interest, and initiates a connection that could potentially lead to “the one”?

In this article, we intend to unveil the top ten tips for fashioning an online dating profile that captivates the masculine audience.

After all, in the quest for love, isn’t the ultimate goal to catch the eye of the right individuals?

1) Be genuine

Certainly, in online dating, where it’s easy to show a false image of yourself, being real is like a rare gem among many fakes.

In this setting, being true to yourself isn’t just a choice—it’s something you must do.

Being honest about who you are, what you want, and what you like or dislike can help you attract the right people.

Men, just like anyone else, value realness—it tells a lot about how confident and self-aware you are.

There’s a special attraction in a woman who proudly shows who she is, whether she’s a strong CEO, a creative writer, or someone who loves fine cheese.

So, don’t hide your quirks, your strong feelings, or your true beliefs.

Show them off, as they’re part of what makes you who you are.

2) A picture is worth a thousand words

The power of a single picture is huge—it can tell a story, show who you are, and suggest how you live.

Your profile picture should be like a mirror, showing not only how you look but who you are inside.

You don’t need a carefully planned picture in a fancy dress on a beautiful Paris balcony—unless that’s something normal for you.

Choose a picture that really shows your bright and lively self, not just your face and body.

It’s about showing the warmth that attracts people, the charm that holds their interest, and the energy that makes you different.

These little details of your personality, shining through the picture, will make you truly appealing to those who see it.

3) Craft a captivating bio

Think of your bio as a short preview of your life’s story, your opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the reader.

It’s like the back cover of an exciting book – it makes people curious, gives a peek into the story, but keeps some things a secret.

Your bio should be a mix of telling information and keeping some suspense.

Show off your hobbies, likes, and special traits, but remember to keep some things hidden, like the exciting feeling of a perfect first kiss.

Your words should act like clues guiding someone who’s interested in a fun adventure to learn more about the special person on the other side of the screen.

4) Avoid clichés

In the big world of online dating, men see lots of profiles, and many of them seem ordinary and filled with overused sayings.

To be different, your profile should show what’s special about you, not repeat common things like ‘I love to laugh’ or ‘I enjoy walks on the beach.’

Leave behind those tired ideas and make your profile full of your own unique personality.

Let what makes you different be the main focus; after all, that’s what sets you apart.

Create a profile that’s warm and funny—if you can make a man smile or even laugh as he reads about you, you’ve already made a big step in getting his attention.

5) Express what you’re looking for

In the big world of online dating, saying what you want is as important as showing who you are.

What are you looking for—a short and exciting romance, or a strong and lasting relationship?

Being clear and honest from the start can avoid confusion, save time, and prevent unnecessary sadness.

But remember, your profile shouldn’t just be a plain list of what you want.

Instead, it should be an interesting story of your desires, more like a love poem than a simple shopping list.

Share what you want and need in a way that keeps things interesting and attractive.

6) Be positive

Positivity is like laughter; it spreads easily and attracts people to you.

In online dating, a profile full of hope and joy is a welcome change in a place often filled with old hurts or bitterness.

Sure, we all have our own problems—like me, for example, with my computer and fancy shoes.

But your profile isn’t the place to talk about your past troubles.

Instead, it should be a lively picture showing the happy parts of your life and your excitement for what’s to come.

Share the good things in your life and show your eagerness for the adventure that’s waiting for you.

7) Be specific

Being vague is a problem in online dating.

Instead of saying general things like ‘I love music,’ get into the details—talk about your favorite bands, or describe the excitement of a recent concert.

Don’t just say ‘I love to travel,’ but tell stories of a favorite trip or mention a place you really want to go.

Being specific doesn’t just make a clearer, more interesting picture of who you are; it also gives men something specific to talk about when starting a conversation.

By giving details, you’re inviting someone to join in a shared story, helping to create a closer connection.

8) Stay Classy

In the world of online dating for adults, it’s okay to show some interest in romance or physical connection.

But there’s a fine line between being attractively suggestive and being too blunt.

This line needs careful attention, and finding the balance can make you appear charming instead of overly forward or clumsy.

Even though online spaces might feel like places to say anything, being a bit mysterious and subtle can often be more attractive than being completely open.

It’s this careful mix of being clear but also holding back that keeps people interested, giving hints of what’s beneath the surface, and encouraging a possible partner to slowly learn more about who you are.

9) Check your spelling and grammar

Your profile is more than just a quick hello online; it’s a written picture of who you are, and making it well-written can really help you stand out.

A well-made profile without spelling or grammar mistakes shows not only that you’re smart but also that you pay attention to the little things.

Believe me, the difference between words like ‘then’ and ‘than’ might seem small, but such things can really affect how a man sees you.

A quick check for errors can show that you care about details.

Remember, your profile isn’t just a quick look at you—it’s a picture of who you are, made with the same care and effort you’d use in other parts of your life.

It’s a sign of your effort to show your best self to others, so make sure it shows the best you can do in writing and appearance.

10) Stay active

Your online dating profile isn’t something to make and forget about—it’s a changing picture of your life.

Like the real, lively person you are, it needs regular care and attention.

Don’t just leave it alone—keep it alive by updating it often.

Change your pictures to show what’s happening now, fix your bio to include new things you’ve done or learned, and answer messages quickly.

Being active online doesn’t just say you’re there, but it shows you’re serious about finding a connection and that you’re really taking part in this up-and-down search for love.

It shows that you’re ready to take chances with life and love and enjoy surprises. It’s like saying, “I’m here, I’m involved, and I’m prepared for whatever love brings my way.”

Standing out in a sea of profiles

Remember, an online dating profile is like a pair of fabulous shoes.

It needs to be comfortable, reflect your style, and have just the right amount of sparkle to turn heads.

More than anything, it should be uniquely you.

Creating an online dating profile is the first step toward finding love in the digital age.

You’re not just attracting a man, you’re attracting the right man for you, and that’s what makes all the difference.

Love is out there, sometimes it just takes a little navigating – and in this case, a little typing.


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10 tips on how to create an online dating profile that stands out to men

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