10 Failproof Opening Lines to Use on Bumble

10 Failproof Opening Lines to Use on Bumble

Posted by Cassie Ciopryna on June 13, 2017
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First impressions mean a lot. They mean even that much more with online dating. A simple “hey” isn’t always enough to garner someone’s attention sometimes as it would be in a coffee shop line. If you’re not feeling creative enough to come up with a compelling first message line on your own, or are feeling just a bit lazy at the moment, we’ve got you covered. Maybe they’re not exactly foolproof as our title suggests, but they should get the ball rolling. And if they don’t get a reply, is that someone you’d want to waste your time talking to, anyway? Use one of these and let us know how the rest goes.


  1. “If you could be any Game of Thrones character, who would you be?”

It’s thought-provoking, out of the ordinary, and referencing a commonality that you’d have. And if they haven’t watched GoT, then you know either A) You don’t want this person in your life or B) You have a lot of binge-watches dates ahead of you with this person.


  1. “If you could only listen to one song on repeat forever, what song would it be” 

Music tastes could be very important in a potential match—so are hypothetical questions apparently.


  1. “Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick you up anything?”

We cheated a little here, since this one comes to us from Aziz Ansari’s character Dev in Master of None. Since he goes on an array of dates in this particular episode, we’re assuming this one should work IRL too. Also, if anyone gets the reference, you already know you have two things in common: Loving Whole Foods and Netflix.


  1. “What one destination you haven’t been to yet that you must go to before you die?”

If a love of travel isn’t important to you, maybe this won’t work, but if you like to explore, why not see where a potential mate most wants to visit? This also brings the conversation outside of the day to day “where are you from” or “where do you live” to see their more wanderlust side.


  1. “You look like trouble.”

This just seems to get most people’s attention for one reason or another. This gives a flirty edge that says enough without saying too much—they may be interested in what made you say that, and it also makes them feel a bit sexy and wanted. A little mystery never hurt.


  1. “Drinks this week?”

According to dating app Hinge, men are 98% more likely to respond to a direct invite type message than women. NINETY-EIGHT! Those are pretty good odds if you ask me.


  1. Say “Hey,” followed by using their name in the Name Game song

Ok, I’ll admit I’ve used this as a go-to before, and it’s only worked about 50/50. Most people find it amusing that you decide to take a childhood song and type it out into message, or they may be confused, or think you’re weird, but it’s worth the risk. Believe me, Mike Mike bo bike banana fana fo fike.


  1. “Important question: pizza or tacos?”

Food. Everyone likes food. Everyone likes to know what other people’s favorite food is. You can insert any food categories in here you’d like, and hopefully it’ll inspire a dinner date soon.


  1. “Ideal Sunday: Snoozing til noon, bottomless brunch, or exercise?”

It’s easy to choose an answer that’s already laid out for the, so there is no excuse of their having to be creative in return. Depending on their answer, it’ll spark a conversation of why they chose their decision, and give you more room to be playful in return to how they reply.


  1. “I have no idea if we would get along, but I had to send you a message because you also love _____ ;)”

This one comes straight from dating and relationship coach, Matthew Hussey. As he says, find a hobby, band, book, or something that you see from his profile that you have in common. It shows that you come across as high value and are messaging him because you have some commonalities, not just because he’s hot.


Just remember, whatever line(s) you choose to use–any guy is lucky to get a message from you 😉


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10 Failproof Opening Lines to Use on Bumble

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