9 reasons you need constant reassurance in your relationship

9 reasons you need constant reassurance in your relationship

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on July 16, 2022
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A relationship is built on trust and constant reassurance.

Without it, you may feel insecure and wonder what he or she means to you.

This article will explore 9 different reasons why it’s important to have reassurance in your relationship.

Read on for our list of reasons and the psychology behind them!

1) You need reassurance to keep your confidence up.

The #1 reason why people need reassurance is so they can feel confident in their relationship.

When you are constantly reassured that your partner loves you, it keeps your confidence high.

Without it, they feel insecure.

This insecurity can occur for a number of reasons.

Individuals may not be sure of the love and dedication level of their loved one (or even themselves).

It can be difficult to build a relationship when you have trust issues.

It’s hard to believe and believe in someone when you don’t know what they would do if you did something wrong.

Being reassured makes it easier for us to stay confident and happy!

2) You need to know that you are still loved and cared for.

A common reason for seeking reassurance is because we aren’t sure if we are loved, and we want to be reassured that our partner will always care about us.

Reassurance is also used to make sure that their loved one will continue to be there for them.

It is important for your partner to let you know that they love you and care about what happens in your life.

Sometimes, people will seek assurance that their love is reciprocated because they need to trust that their feelings of love will be returned.

This reassurance gives them a sense of stability in their relationship.

If you have doubts about being loved or cared for, it can cause friction in your relationship and damage it by making you insecure.

Being told by your partner, “I love you, I’m here with you, I’ll listen,” makes the difference between an insecure relationship and a secure one!

3) It gives you a sense of comfort.

Problems arise when a lack of reassurance leads to someone feeling insecure because he or she is not getting the love and attention he or she needs.

The #3 reason why people need reassurance is to feel comforted.

When individuals feel comfortable, they know that they can trust the people in their life.

They are confident that the people who are supposed to love and care for them, do love and care for them.

Without reassurance, you may move from a secure feeling to an insecure one!

Reassurance makes you feel more secure.

You will know that your partner will be there when times get tough.

It gives you a sense of comfort knowing that your relationship is going in the right direction.

4) Sometimes, people will seek reassurance that they’ve made the right choice in being with their partner.

Many people feel insecure about their relationship and worry that they might have chosen wrong in being with someone they’re not completely sure about.

This is why it’s important to reassure each other (and maybe even remind yourselves!) that you are together because you want to be and it’s what’s best for both of you.

But how can you know for sure if you’ve met your “right choice”?

Let’s face it:

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5) You need reassurance that the relationship is on the right track.

Having a solid relationship reassures us that things are going well and we haven’t taken a wrong turn somewhere.

When we are in a relationship, we want to know that it’s a solid one.

We want our partner to reassure us of this, as well!

This is why it’s important for you to build trust and reassurance in your relationship if you want it to continue on the right track.

If you don’t have faith in your partner, then how can they have faith in themselves?

The right track means doing things that make them feel secure in their daily lives.

People also want reassurance when they are not sure what their partners are feeling during the day or if he/she is truly happy with them.

They want to know that their partner isn’t looking elsewhere.

They want to know that they aren’t losing them.

Being reassured of these things gives individuals peace of mind in their relationships, which helps them trust and love one another more!

6) It helps you make a strong love connection.

Love is a very important thing to keep strong in your relationship.

It’s the foundation of your relationship, and you need to remind yourself and your partner of that!

Reassurance will help you have a stronger love connection with one another.

And you know what?

In fact, when people take the time to talk to each other, they become more secure in their relationship.

They trust each other more!

You both want to feel loved and know that each other is needed, wanted, and important to one another.

Without reassurance, your commitment level could go down.

You could lose faith in the relationship and stop loving each other as much as you have been.

7) You need reassurance that your relationship isn’t going to end.

If you are in a long-term relationship (I’m not talking about marriage here, just the “long-term” part), sometimes you need reassurance that the relationship won’t suddenly end.

Lack of reassurance in your life can cause you to worry that your relationship is going to end.

This is a common fear, when people aren’t sure if their partner truly loves them and intends to stay with them.

It’s very difficult to keep a relationship alive when you think it could fall apart at any moment.

Without reassurance, it’s easy for us to lose faith and start doubting our partner’s intentions towards us.

Reassurance helps you feel secure and more at ease about your relationship.

It lets you know that it’s okay for you to trust someone, that they won’t hurt you, and that they will stick around on your good days and bad days.

And you’ll have realized no matter how many times things “go wrong”, your relationship will always be strong enough to make it through the hard times.

8)  A lack of reassurance can lead to arguments.

Sometimes, a lack of reassurance can lead to arguments.

When one partner feels insecure, you may feel like the relationship is going in the wrong direction or that your partner is not paying enough attention to you.

You may think that if your partner doesn’t pay enough attention to you, it’s because you are not important enough in your partner’s life.

Therefore, you will want reassurance from your partner that you are still loved and valued.

I know that feeling.

Not only do arguments cause stress and worry, they also make it hard for you to trust each other.

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We try to “fix” our partners and end up destroying relationships.

We try to find someone who “completes” us, only to fall apart with them next to us and feel twice as bad.

Rudá’s teachings showed me a whole new perspective.

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9) You can avoid hurting your lover.

When you are reassured that our partner loves you, it makes you less likely to hurt them.

But there’s one problem.

If you aren’t being given reassurance from your partner, it can lead to an argument and in some cases, even a breakup.

So what’s it all mean?

People can hurt each other because of being made feel insecure, and thus not being given the reassurance they need.

You may not be sure that your partner will be there for you, especially when things aren’t going well.

The simple truth is arguments and hurt feelings are NOT a good foundation for a strong relationship.

We often go out of our way to avoid hurting the ones we love, and reassurance goes a long way in making sure we don’t do this.

This can lead to less problems in the relationship and avoid hurting your partner in the future.

Reassurance can prevent a lot of heartache for both of you!

The reasons listed above are the most common reasons why people seek reassurance in their relationships, but everyone is different.

What do you find yourself seeking reassurance about?

Besides, have you wondered how to get constant reassurance in your relationship?

How to build constant reassurance in your relationship?

Answers are below!

I am going to go over some ways on how you can get reassurance in your relationship more often.

1) Make it clear that it’s important for you to feel loved.

If you feel like it’s important to you to feel loved, then it’s important that your partner knows this.

Everyone has different ways of showing and feeling love.

Therefore, it’s important for you to make your needs known.

Tell them how you want to be treated so they can help you feel cared for and loved all of the time.

For this reason, why don’t you tell them you want your partner to reassure you more often?

Start by saying, “I feel like I’m not getting any reassurance right now.

What do you think I need to voice to you?”

2) Make a point to talk more.

Communication is a very important part of any relationship – the more communication, the better!

The biggest problem in many relationships is communication breakdowns.

But how do you get someone to reassure you besides just saying, “We need to talk more often?”

Be proactive and make sure you talk about whatever is on your mind.

If it’s important to you that your partner reassures you, then tell them this.

Instead of complaining that they don’t reassure you, ask them what they think will help you feel better.

Be clear and ask them directly, “How can I get reassurance from my partner more often?”

If you have let communication go in your relationship, it’s never too late to fix it!

3) Show them love through touch.

There are many different ways to show someone you love them.

One way is through touch.

Touch is a very powerful form of communication, which is why you want to make sure your partner knows how much you care about them!

Touching someone shows that you love them.

If you want your partner to reassure you, then you should make sure to touch them more often.

A lot of times people are afraid to initiate touch in their relationship because they don’t want to seem needy or clingy.

So, if you want more reassurance from your partner, why don’t you just show them with a kiss or hug?

4) Fill your life with reminders of your love.

People often seek reassurance because there are times when their relationships can be unbalanced.

Often, it seems that your lover is not pounding on the door asking you to stay or to come home.

The reason why they may be leaving you alone is because they don’t feel like they have much of a relationship with you.

If you have trouble getting reassurance from your lover, then it’s important for you to fill up these empty spaces once in a while by reminding them of how much love there is for them in your relationship

5) Remind the reasons why they love us.

Sometimes people think they don’t get reassurance because their partner doesn’t show them enough love.

This is okay!

But then, if your partner really did love you, wouldn’t they reassure you any chance they get?

Another way you can get reassurance from your partner is by reminding them of the reason they fell in love with you.

Reassurance is a back and forth process, so when you go to your lover and ask them to reassure you, it’s important that they feel loved in return.

Take this chance to show them some of the reasons why they fell in love with you in the first place.

If they have trouble remembering why they love you, then don’t be afraid to remind them!

6) Remember that we sometimes need reassurance, not just from our partner, but from ourselves.

The reason why we often seek reassurance from our partners is because it’s the most easy way for us to receive love.

Sometimes we just want to be told how much our partner loves us, but sometimes we also need to remind ourselves.

You should be reassured in who you are and what you want to achieve.

This gives you the confidence that you need in your relationship and life in general.

When you get constant reassurance in your relationship, it will help make all of these things possible!

Reassurance builds stronger relationships and lets both people know that they are loved and cared for.

Just make sure to keep reassuring each other, even when your relationship is going great!

There are many other positive things that can happen in the relationship when you reassure your partner on a regular basis!


Reassurance is vital in any relationship.

Reassurance can be a powerful motivator to keep someone going – if someone loves you, they will WANT to assure you that they are there for you and care about you!

I hope that this article has helped you relieve some stress and confusion in your relationship.

If you’re done with wasting your time on love that doesn’t work, I invite you to watch this short video and open your mind to new possibilities to guide you on the path to finding true love and intimacy.

As Rudá explains in this mind blowing free video, many of us chase love in a toxic way because we’re not taught how to love ourselves first.

So, if you want to solve a lack of constant reassurance, I’d recommend starting with yourself first and taking Rudá’s incredible advice.

I hope it is helpful for your relationship.

Here’s a link to the free video once again.

I truly wish you the best of luck in staying positive in all of your relationships.

Just make sure to keep reassuring each other, even when your relationship is going great!

There are many other positive things that can happen in the relationship when you reassure your partner on a regular basis!


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9 reasons you need constant reassurance in your relationship

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