Ten Essential Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Ten Essential Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Posted by Sophia Smith on November 20, 2018
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The idea of solo travel is a very appealing one for a lot of people. You get to experience a destination on your own terms without any hassle, and it’s a great way to escape the daily struggles and stress that’s slowly draining your energy away.

And yet, for women, the idea of going somewhere alone can also be a little frightening. It’s simply not what we’re used to, and most of us still worry about what could happen, and how it will look like to show up somewhere all on our own. But the trends are changing, and more and more ladies are taking the leap and trying out solo travel. It’s a great decision that can transform you from inside out, and now’s the time to go.

If you’ve been longing to indulge your wanderlust without anyone to get in the way, here are some safety tips and other tricks that will make the whole experience even better.

It’s fine to be nervous

No one woke up one day and immediately became good at traveling alone. It’s a skill, like any other, and it’s fine to be nervous if it’s your first time doing things by yourself. However, rather than letting it overwhelm you, allow it to excite you—this is a huge opportunity that can bring about events that you can’t even imagine. It’s an adventure, it’s something new and fresh, and it’s bound to leave you breathless.

Research the destination

The best way to stay safe is to learn what you can about the destination. Learn about local customs, about culture, about any special rules or laws that might apply to tourists. You should also learn about the area where you will be staying, about your hotel, about what kind of services you can find nearby, and what are the emergency numbers in the country. There are plenty of tourist resources online, so look things up before you go.

Dress like a local

To tie this to the previous point, it’s a good idea to research dress codes and fashion and pick inconspicuous attire. In countries like the United Arab Emirates, for example, you’ll have to cover your head when out on the street. But even beyond that, rely on comfy, neutral outfits that won’t make you stand out too much—this isn’t the time to look like a rich, luxurious tourist just waiting to be robbed.

Drive on your own

If you don’t want to rely on shady taxi drivers or public transport, driving your own car will give you even more freedom. As long as you have a good, reliable vehicle that can take you long miles, you can enjoy complete self-reliance because it’s generally the point of solo travel. A good SUV is going to be your best bet, and you can take a look at some good example here to find a car that will suit all your needs. Alternatively, you could also rent a vehicle once you reach your destination. Of course, if you can’t drive, don’t worry. Check whether the country has an Uber service or something similar, and get familiar with bus schedules so you could plan your itinerary.  

Enjoy solitude

Solo travel is complete and utter liberation, particularly for women. There’s no one to nag at you, no one to complain, no family to argue with, and no partner to try and control you. You don’t have to wait until you’re in a relationship to take care of your own needs—you can do it all on your own. Show yourself that you genuinely don’t need anyone else to have fun.

Decide whether you want to use social media

Perhaps you want to do a little digital detox and use this opportunity to let go of social media drama. It’s up to you whether you want to document your trip or put some distance between you and Instagram, we only recommend that you don’t go completely off the grid for the sake of safety. Let people know where you’re going, where you’ll be staying, and when they can expect you to return.

Make friends

Traveling alone does not mean you’ll be lonely! In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and meet cool people. You can break out of your shell, let go of that shyness, and approach others. After all, you’re in another country. Even if someone turns away from you, it’s not like you ever have to see them again.

Learn the local language

Understanding some basics can help you ask for directions and get around the town faster, so learn a few phrases for your trip. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love with the new language and decide to take a course to master it. Besides, imagine how cool you’ll feel when you return home and show off your new language skills.

Carry a whistle

This is an old trick, but it works. Carry a whistle around your neck that you can easily reach, and you’ll always be able to call for help no matter where you are. As long as you stick to crowds and public areas, there will always be people around to rush to you.

Embrace your power

If you travel solo, you’re officially a badass. There’s no way around it, you’re awesome and you’ve got to accept it. A confident woman knows her power and embraces it fully, and if you are brave enough to do something you’ve never done before, you deserve a commendation. Enjoy the big boost to your self-esteem because you’ve just proven that you can do anything you set your mind to.


This is a way for you to get out of your comfort zone. Regardless of whether you’re single or in a relationship, it’s very empowering to travel alone instead of waiting for someone else. Take this opportunity to go somewhere, and enjoy it.


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Ten Essential Tips for Solo Female Travelers

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