Comfortable Fashion To Keep You Feeling And Looking Good This Summer

Comfortable Fashion To Keep You Feeling And Looking Good This Summer

Posted by Kacey on May 2, 2017
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Summer fashion is meant to be bright and cute. But you don’t want to sacrifice comfort during those sweltering summer days. These fashions can keep you looking your best while still staying cool and comfy this summer.


You can’t go through summer without having some good sundresses in your closet. They can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories and shoes. They’re often strapless or have skinny straps so you have bare arms in the heat, but can cover with a cute jacket when the night cools things down. Best of all, they’re easy to throw on super quick while still looking stylish!

Statement Shorts

Instead of the usual pair, try something bolder. When we think of shorts, many of us think of athletic shorts or plain denim. The complaint about these are that they’re too informal. There are so many more options. Shirts are usually the focal point of an outfit, but with these shorts, they’re the articles you base the rest of your outfit around.

Lace shorts give off a classic, sophisticated vibe. Bright colored or floral print shorts are great for a fun summer party or a day at the beach. There are tons of other patterns, too, if floral isn’t your style. Fringe shorts can provide a laid back, boho look. There’s a pair of shorts for every look you want to try!


A convenient current trend for those who love being comfy, sportswear was all over the runways in the spring fashion season. This style is all about looking your best in what makes you feel the most comfortable. The styles aren’t just the equivalent of fashionable gym wear, either. Many lines have athleisure that you can wear to the office. Now that’s a trend to get behind!


Sneakers aren’t just for exercise anymore. There are tons of fashionable sneakers so you can be comfortable and trendy at the same time. They’re versatile, too, and are a good shoe to wear with just about anything.

If you are on the creative side, take a look at some ways you can customize your shoes. Change the boring black or white laces they came with to a funky pair that makes them stand out. Spray-painting or dyeing your shoes works too, depending on the material. White canvas shoes are perfect for dyeing, while spray paint works for canvas as well as other types. With white, you can dye them any color or pattern and have it show up fabulously.

Off-The-Shoulder Tops

These are a great way to show a little bit of skin and get that extra cooling factor while still being trendy and cute. With ruffles and floral prints, they add a great girly touch to your wardrobe. Many of the popular trends right now involve loose fabrics and flowing sleeves so even long-sleeve versions are wearable in the hot summer days.

A Good Pair Of Sandals

Chunky summer sandals are all the rage this year. Luckily, chunky is usually more comfortable. The most popular ones have thick straps that help them stay on your feet well. A fashionable pair of sandals that hold up well are a summer must have. They’re an easy slip-on shoe for when you’re on the go and can still dress up a sundress or other cute outfit. There’s no better shoe for warm weather.

Linen Pants

Linen pants are insanely comfortable—it’s basically like wearing pajamas. They’re also light and perfect for breezy days outside. These pants are easy to rock no matter what your body type is. They normally come with wide legs or have elastic at the bottom, so they can be worn with a variety of styles too. For a comfortable, casual look, wear them with your favorite tee, sandals, a cute hat and shades.

A Summer Hat

Speaking of hats, there’s nothing better than a stylish sun hat to keep you shaded and cool while sprucing up your outfit. A hat can be the crucial piece that ties your whole outfit together. With beachy waves in your hair, a hat on top just completes the whole style. They’re great to keep the sun off your face and keep the sunburn to a minimum on those long days outside.

These summer fashions are the ultimate balance of cute, comfortable and staying cool. Pick up some staple pieces and start planning outfits for all your summer fun!


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Comfortable Fashion To Keep You Feeling And Looking Good This Summer

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