White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring


White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring
Posted by Kirsty_2000 on March 24, 2019
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I'm Selling...

Selling an engagement ring from a past relationship. Beautiful ring, worn for 2 years, been sitting in the box for 3 years. Would love for someone else to enjoy this ring! It was custom made in Ontario Canada, and is 14kt white gold with 15 diamonds. It has been appraised at $5,500. The main diamond is very nice, and has 14 small diamonds around it; 7 on each side. Total carat weight is .55. Approximately size 5. Comes with the box and Certificate of Appraisal. Can also include a bottle of jewelry cleaner. Looking to get $2,500


He “fell out of love” with me, and became interested in a girl 10 years younger at his work. He realized he was actually unhappy with his career/success in life, not me, and wanted to try to fix things, so we did couples therapy for a year (while I put aside all my feelings to give him space to figure himself out). He said he was no longer interested in the other girl, that she was a temporary distraction. Finally, after a year of “trying” I decided I deserved better and we ended our relationship. A couple weeks later, he was sneaking out of our house to hang out with that girl. They’re still together.

My Bounce Back Plan is...

With the money from selling this ring, I plan on putting it towards something really meaningful. Something I may not necessarily do for myself otherwise. Maybe put it towards a down payment for my dream vehicle. Maybe go on a vacation. Maybe use it to check off a bucket list adventure. It will be something I won’t forget!

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White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring

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