The pros and cons of dating someone smarter than you

The pros and cons of dating someone smarter than you

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on July 27, 2023
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How’s your love life going?

Is it exciting, or not really?

No matter what, we’re chatting about relationships today!

We’re talking about dating someone who’s, well, a lot smarter than us.

Ever thought about going out with a real brainiac?

Think about a nerd-type, like Clark Kent, figuring out tough science stuff just for kicks.

Interesting, huh?

So, what about dating someone like a living, speaking search engine?

Is that scary, fun, or maybe both?

Let’s figure this out! Let’s unravel this together!

PROS of dating someone smarter

1) We learn, yes, we do

Dating a smarty is like having your own at-home lecture series!

Picture this: You’re having your breakfast, and they’re discussing deep ideas from famous books, or they’re talking about the strange world of quantum physics while you’re making dinner together.

It’s a constant feast of knowledge!

The books they show you, the tricky theories they eagerly teach, the unique ideas they talk about, they all become part of your life.

And let’s not forget the foreign languages they know.

Some French words whispered to you?

That’s a great mix of love and learning!

This exposure leads to growth that goes beyond school knowledge.

You start to see the world differently, taking in their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas.

You notice yourself growing not just in learning, but on a personal level too.

2) Upgraded conversations

Imagine this: no more boring small talk or pointless gossip that makes you want to look at your phone every few moments.

Instead, you find yourself in interesting talks that open up new ways of thinking.

A smart partner means your regular chats level up to first-class brainy discussions.

There’s no subject they won’t discuss – they’re ready to dive deep into everything from politics of little-known countries to the details of AI tech.

Instead of talking about celebrity drama, you might find yourself in a serious talk about climate change’s impact on the global economy or looking into the finer points of classical music over your morning coffee.

Even breakfast gets exciting as you have a fun argument about whether Bitcoin is just a trend or a major change in finance.

In short, brainy partners change normal chats into deep discussions, adding the much-needed depth and richness to your daily conversations.

3) Problem-solving skills on point

Their brain is always working, studying, and figuring out solutions to those pesky problems that trip us up.

For example, if your computer breaks down during an important work presentation – they’ll come to the rescue like a tech hero, saving your work and fixing the issue.

Or maybe you’re stuck on a Sudoku puzzle that seems really hard – they’ll solve it while casually drinking their coffee.

And when dealing with real-world problems, like getting a better deal with your phone company or finding the best way for your road trip to avoid traffic, they become your personal advisor, giving practical advice and solutions.

Their problem-solving mind is like a secret tool, always ready to handle life’s puzzles directly.

4) Stability and future thinking

Being in a relationship with someone smarter often means having more stability and thinking ahead in your life.

Research shows that these clever folks are usually better at handling money, planning, and looking ahead – all things that lead to a stable life.

While they might not be super rich (but if they are, that’s a plus!), they’re good at managing their finances.

They’re skilled in financial planning, investing, and saving, which creates a safer situation, giving you two less things to stress about.

Plus, they’re likely to be future-minded, always thinking about the next step, preparing in advance, and making sure they’re not surprised by life’s unexpected moments.

This love for planning ahead applies to all parts of life, not just money, creating a feeling of safety and predictability that can be very comforting.

CONS of dating someone smarter

1) The ego factor

Okay, time for some truth.

Dating a smart person can be fun, but it also comes with its own problems.

One of them is the chance for a big ego.

Sometimes, those with higher IQs can unintentionally seem a bit full of themselves or act like they’re always right.

You might find them always trying to correct your language, question your ideas, or even ignore your thoughts because they think they’re smarter.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to share your opinions only to be outshone by their ‘better’ knowledge, right?

This can create a power difference that makes you feel small or unvalued, and that’s not okay in any relationship.

It’s important to remember that being in a relationship is about sharing, caring, and respecting each other’s opinions, not just about who knows the most facts.

2) Emotional intelligence who?

A smart partner might be great at solving tough math problems or remembering all the elements in the periodic table, but when it comes to handling emotional situations, they might struggle.

Yes, the truth is that a high IQ doesn’t always mean a high Emotional Quotient (EQ).

They may find it hard to understand or show emotions, connect with your feelings, or even see the emotional meaning in a situation.

They might tend to look at everything logically, thinking about feelings instead of feeling them, leaving you wanting a deeper emotional connection.

And when things get tense, they might go into ‘problem-solving’ mode, trying to ‘fix’ the problem instead of just listening and understanding.

Emotional intelligence is just as important as brainy intelligence in a relationship, and not having it can create a big gap in your emotional closeness.

3) The intimidation game

Dating someone really smart can sometimes make us feel like a small planet spinning around in their universe.

Feeling scared is real!

It can bring up self-doubts, making you wonder if you’re smart enough, interesting enough, or even in the same group as them.

The idea of them leaving you for someone smarter can hide in the back of your mind.

And then there’s the high-pressure situation where you feel like you’re always walking on a tightrope of smart talks, trying to match their cleverness or knowledge.

You might even find yourself trying to remember facts or reading about topics you don’t care about just to keep up.

While a little challenge is always good for personal growth, too much can turn your relationship into a tiring brain race instead of a loving team.

Always remember, love isn’t about who’s the smartest, it’s a team based on respect, understanding, and emotional closeness.

4) Missing out on the simple things

Smart people can sometimes be so focused on their serious interests that they might ignore or even look down on the simpler joys of life.

You know, those fun things that make us human and easy to relate to.

So, you love watching The Bachelor, or you really enjoy those predictably sweet Hallmark movies?

Or maybe you like to relax by reading a spicy romance novel?

Well, don’t be shocked if your smart partner doesn’t get excited about these things.

They might rather talk about the latest award-winning book than watch the final rose ceremony or go through a groundbreaking science article instead of enjoying a feel-good rom-com.

This difference in what you like can sometimes make you feel like your hobbies are unimportant or ‘not smart’, and that’s not a good feeling.

So, what’s the verdict?

Well, the answer isn’t the same for everyone.

Like everything in love and life, it comes down to how well you get along and how much you respect each other.

If you’re interested in their smarts, have the same values, and really like being with them, then go ahead and date them!

But don’t forget, being smart doesn’t make a person better or mean they’ll be a great partner.

It’s just one part of who they are.

And don’t forget about what you bring to the relationship too, with your own special qualities and intelligence!

In the end, it’s about if you two really get along – if you can talk easily, laugh together, share your hopes, and maybe even your Netflix account.

Love isn’t about finding someone just like you in smarts or success; it’s about finding someone who fits with you and helps you be the best you can be.


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The pros and cons of dating someone smarter than you

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