People Are Using Linkedin As A Dating Site, and Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

People Are Using Linkedin As A Dating Site, and Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Posted by Brianna Porter on May 2, 2018
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File this one under surprising-but-also-not-so-surprising: people are starting to use LinkedIn as a dating site. Forbes, the New York Post, and Glamour, among many others, have recently looked into the sudden trend towards approaching others on Linkedin for opportunities less business in nature. Although there are no real statistics behind this phenomena, Linkedin’s new reputation as a potential matchmaker has gone public through word of mouth. Some even report meeting their current spouses through the website! But before you ditch for its more-mature-older-brother-in-a-suit (how I imagine Linkedin personified), think again: there are so many reasons why using Linkedin to approach someone romantically should be taboo. Read on for the top three.  


1. It can be seen as harassment.

Most people sign up for Linkedin with the understanding that the website is for business only. And they are right, or at least they should be! The point is, you can approach anybody on dating apps like Tinder because they know that they are signing up to be approached for a date or a hook-up. Most Linkedin professionals likely do not consent to being approached for matters other than those that are job-related. At best, it is annoying and a waste of the recipient’s time, and at worst it is highly offensive.


2. It can ruin your brand or reputation.

Especially if you become a repeat offender. Linkedin is all about connections, so that one guy you approached once and never again could very well be warning his coworkers about that one weird girl who tried to set up a date with him, and suddenly there is an entire network of people who know you as “that one weird girl.” This can be bad for your brand, if you have one. And even if you’re simply just an employee somewhere, this can have consequences if your higher-ups catch wind.


3. You look pathetic.

I’m just going to tell it like it is, if you’re sliding into someone’s DMs on Linkedin, you need to reevaluate your life choices. I understand that the dating apps out right now (the free ones, at least) can really be a let down. It’s almost impossible to find someone who’s looking for a serious relationship on apps like Tinder or Bumble (and don’t even get me started about Bumble; good idea in theory, but as soon as you send the guy the first message, the d*ck pick floodgates are open). But there are plenty of other dating apps with people looking for more than just a one night stand; although most of the time these are the apps you have to pay for, if it means you can avoid abandoning all shame by resorting to Linkedin, I’d say it’s money well spent.



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People Are Using Linkedin As A Dating Site, and Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

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