What You Should Know About Giving Flowers to Your Girlfriend

What You Should Know About Giving Flowers to Your Girlfriend

Posted by Kacey on June 6, 2018
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Giving flowers to someone to show appreciation and thoughtfulness has been a tradition for as long as some of us can remember. It’s thoughtful, simple and can really cater to any occasion. There are funeral arrangements, birthday arrangements, new baby arrangements – you name the occasion, there’s probably a flower arrangement out there for it. If not, let your creative juices flow.


Flowers are also great because you can easily cater to your receiver. If your special someone loves sunflowers, you can go out and buy a fresh bunch. Maybe they love white tulips. Whatever it is they like, you have the creative freedom to create whatever comes from your heart.


Even though giving the gift of flowers has received some flak over the years because some feel it’s a waste of money, it’s still stood its ground in the gift-giving world. Like the power of a handwritten note –receiving flowers is just one of those things that shows someone you really care.


There’s an art when it comes to giving the right flowers for the right occasion. Just because your significant other loves red roses don’t mean it will be appropriate for every occasion. Read on to find out what you should know about giving flowers to your girlfriend, including when and when not to.



Flowers are an anniversary essential for most couples. No matter how many years you give them to signify another year spent together, it never seems to get old. It makes your girlfriend feel special, whether you realize it or not. Especially if you’re someone who isn’t a hopeless romantic and has trouble expressing your feelings, flowers never fail. Let them do it for you.


Keep it fresh by coming up with different arrangements each year. Don’t do the same red roses from the flower section at Trader Joes every year. Put some thought into it, and head over to a local florist where you can create your own special arrangement for your loved one. Different flowers signify different things, and your florist can help you get across exactly what you want to say.


Other Special Occasions

Specials occasions such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day usually welcome a special flower delivery for your loved one. Again, even if you do it annually and they may expect it, they’ll still cherish the thought you put into it. Even if your significant other says they don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, don’t take that to heart. They really do want flowers and chocolate, they just don’t want to say it.


Valentine’s Day is the ultimate flower giving day across the world, so don’t be the only one who doesn’t participate. Be unique when you create your arrangement. While red roses are romantic and never fail, take a risk and consider other popular flowers for Valentine’s Day, like carnations, lilies, Alstroemeria or tulips. Add a handwritten note to your creation and steal your loved one’s heart all over again.


The power of the hand-written note has also stood the test of time, much like flowers. The two really go together when it comes down to it. Do one – that’s great. Do both, and you’ve outdone yourself. It’s easy in today’s world to forget about handwritten notes when there’s so much technology that does things for you. However, using your own handwriting to write out a message is personable and more powerful than a typed-up message from your florist. Add a handwritten note, and show you care.


After a Break-Up

Break-ups are hard for everyone, especially if they aren’t mutual. Whether you initiated it or not, it can be appropriate to send flowers after a break-up. It all depends on your situation. If yours was an incredibly painful and emotionally-driven one, consider letting the relationship go. Sending flowers can send mixed signals in a case where you broke up with your girlfriend and don’t plan to get back together.


Think about how you would feel if you were broken up with, but then received a thoughtful arrangement of your favorite flowers. You’d probably be confused and unsure of what’s happened with the relationship. Analyze your situation carefully, then make your decision on whether flowers are the answer.  If the relationship ended more amicably, you were best friends, and you both want to try and get back to being friends one day, a thoughtful arrangement can be the perfect gift to reiterate that.


Of course, there’s also the popular effort of using flowers to try and get your significant other back – to show them you’re sorry and didn’t mean it. It could help to heal a mistake you’ve made or at least start you in the right direction. Whatever you choose to do, don’t have flowers delivered to your girlfriend at work or at home, deliver the bouquet directly to them to have an even more significant impact. This will increase your chances of reconciliation and a happy ending.


To Apologize

Using flowers to say I’m sorry can be very effective, when appropriate. Again, if you initiated the break-up, then sending flowers will only confuse the other person involved. However, if you feel you made a mistake, then flowers can be the perfect thing to open up a dialogue with your girlfriend. After all, everyone makes mistakes and may say things they don’t mean. Flowers can act as a sort of crutch for you as you try to make your way back into someone’s life.


Be mindful when choosing your arrangement. You don’t want to send a dozen red roses or something that conveys the wrong message. Consider other flowers and their universal meanings. Ivy shows that you know you made a mistake but are still dependable and committed to fidelity. Choose an arrangement and add ivy into the mix. Star of Bethlehem is another popular apology flower that’s pure and white in color and represents your desire to have a second chance.


Just Because

Just because flowers are some of the best surprises. There doesn’t have to be a holiday or anniversary to celebrate. That’s what makes it so special. Randomly send your girlfriend’s favorite arrangement just to show you’re thinking of them and love them. Surprises at work are the best. Consider sending them after lunch to really throw your loved one off and get them through the rest of their day. It will make them feel special, loved, appreciated and so much more.


Flowers are so much more than just flowers. They’re used for so many different occasions and reasons, and they can convey nearly any message to anyone, especially your significant other. Don’t let modern times turn you away from flowers and surprising your loved one with them. Almost everyone loves flowers and the special feeling it gives them when received.


Keep it fresh by coming up with new and creative arrangements, write hand-written notes to accompany your flowers and know when it’s appropriate and when it’s not. If done the right way, flowers will melt your girlfriend’s heart every time.


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What You Should Know About Giving Flowers to Your Girlfriend

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