Interview with Singer-Songwriter Cady Groves

It was an absolute dream to interview singer-songwriter Cady Groves. She may be our WCW this week, but she’s been my woman crush since I was fourteen. Her music held my hand through every heartbreak I ever had—and it remains just as empowering now.  Known for her sassy internet personality and her catchy, but heart-felt lyrics, she is truly an inspiration. Read on to hear how she turned her worst heartbreak into her best Bounce Back yet.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Cady groves. I was 17 with a broken heart. This made me into what would eventually look like a legit “writer.” My poems sounded a lot like lyrics, so I started singing them–then I became a songwriter. I chased a dream and signed to a major label. Now I’m officially settled into a cozy nook of a career called “singer-songwriter.” All heartbreaks don’t have to just be bad memories of empty pizza boxes and a gym membership you’re never gonna use, guys. (P.S. all mine start out that way too.)

What was the best gift you ever got?

The best gift I ever received was probably my first broken heart. You think the world is over. I feel like there are two types of humans in the world: the ones who crumble in a crisis and the ones who are like, “okay, what are we doing to not look back on this and be like OMG I WAS SO BASIC?” And don’t get me wrong, I’m as basic as they come when it comes to overpriced coffees and dollar menu burritos, but NOT when it comes down to my pride or some BOY winning an argument.

What was the worst gift you ever got?

My best gift was conveniently masked as my worst gift–a broken heart at 17 .

What’s your advice for all things love, sex, and dating?

My advice for the entire population… boy or girl…

Please be kind. Just consider how fragile life is when you’re pissed off and wanna throw things at each other. Love with everything. GIVE IT ALL. Allow yourself to BE LOVED. Let go. Laugh. Be tickled, be fragile. Think of it as a story you’re living out… and you want people to root for your character. Be good, to yourself and to the people you choose to love. Being selfish is the easiest thing to do–don’t. Learn compassion. Some people don’t know how to say what they feel, but know they are feeling. So don’t be an ass and realize that you may not understand what they are going through.

And most importantly, WEAR A DAMN CONDOM!!! Just don’t be an idiot. I’m the safest person I know because you would not believe the horror stories I’ve seen friends go through in my 20’s. It’s not just some commercials that are made to scare you. Everything you hear is real and if you have to have sex at any age, please just respect yourself enough to be safe.

What’s your go to pick me up?

My pick me up is either cooking to relieve stress or doing something for me. So many people (women and men) don’t pay attention to themselves enough. You should love yourself, guys! Cause, damn, somebody’s got to! It doesn’t have to be expensive. Meditate. Read. Watch Netflix. Wear sweatpants. Eat queso. Call your mom. Just do SOMETHING for you!

Tell us about your first heartbreak…

I was 17 and had never really been kissed. Nobody ever looked at me in high school. I went to college really early (culinary school) and had graduated by 17 and had started my culinary externship with a catering company. There was this boy who was washing dishes, which pissed me off cause I was also stuck washing dishes and didn’t wanna be boob-sweating all day over hot sinks with some emo-looking boy I didn’t know. Well, we fell in love. He was older–in his 20’s. I had no idea that he even liked me or what a boy liking me meant. He asked me to go to a movie that night. I thought my boss made him ask me because she felt sorry for me cause I was not cute and had no friends (HAHAHA) and I was like, “UMMM, YOU REALLY DON’T HAVE TO HANG OUT WITH ME. ITS ALL GOOD. I’M NOT A CHARITY CASE,” and he was like, what are you talking about?

10 years later, I still have NO idea how to flirt.

Anyway, he ended up totally ruining my life in probably every way, or so it seemed back then, which is hilarious to me now. (I’m sparing details because I literally can’t even remember them anymore. I’ve had so many heartbreaks since.) But he really did a number on me.

Tell us about a time that you Bounced Back better than ever

Out of that heartbreak, I wrote a song. And then another. And then I got a record deal. And then I did the damn thing and discovered I was never a charity case… I was pretty cool!

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