How To Express Yourself Through Fashion

How To Express Yourself Through Fashion

Posted by Gwen Lewis on November 20, 2017
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Some bad relationships go beyond just not getting along, and you come out of a breakup a radically different person. Whether angry, sad, depressed, defiant, or all of the above, you might not like who you are, or might have noticed some bad habits following you out of the relationship. Maybe you just want to clean up the excess baggage from the relationship, even if it didn’t end dramatically. It’s times like these that you really want to step out and express yourself. So how do you do it?

Some turn to art or sports to vent their emotions after a breakup, but sometimes, one needs to express oneself all the time, rather than periodically. The one thing we carry with us all the time is our personal style, and expressing yourself through fashion is easy. Here are some great tips to express the new you!

Bold Hair

One of the most common statements one can make about themselves is through one’s hair. Sometimes, a dramatic or bold change is what it takes. A brand-new look or a bold color says a lot about who you are right now or who you intend to be. However, it is just as common to make a simple, subtle change, like a minor change in color or style. New accessories can bring change without the drastic measure of a whole different cut. Your hair and face are the first things people notice about you, and can be one of the most efficient ways to express yourself!


Unique Jewelry

Create your own style by finding pieces of unique jewelry that match your personality or interests. Small, inexpensive pieces like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces can express your emotions or personality in empowering ways. Or they can give you a change of scenery, bringing out parts of your personality that you didn’t know you had. Fantasy or New Age styles can give you a serene appearance, or you can adopt a rebel look with some steampunk or rocker pieces!


Breakout Clothing

No matter what is hot on the runway, everyone modifies their look to their own sense of style. After a breakup is a great time for change, and this can include tweaking your personal style, or changing it entirely. Whether you want to tone it down or spice it up, altering or changing your wardrobe is an option you can explore to express yourself. Even subtle changes, like belts, shoes, or accessories, can accent your look expressively!


Power Perfume

Sometimes, a reminder of change is personal and understated. A new perfume or fragrance can express yourself in an intimate way, and provide a powerful reminder of what you are trying to express. Aromatherapy is no joke, and a scent that resonates with you can be a powerful way to express yourself be putting you in the right frame of mind. Never underestimate what the right perfume or scented oil can do to boost your confidence and establish a new you.


Everyone is different – different styles, different tastes, and different intensities. Expressing yourself may be something you want to do loudly and proudly, or it might be a more subtle change you want to make. Breakups are a time for expressing yourself, and how you dress is a large part of how you do that too. Hopefully the above tips will help you express your personal style through fashion!


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How To Express Yourself Through Fashion

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