What Exactly Is A Promise Ring?

What Exactly Is A Promise Ring?

Posted by Gwen Lewis on December 13, 2017
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Promise rings have made their way back into popularity for couples who are looking to showcase their relationship with an outward symbol. While this ring once represented a future marriage, today a promise ring may hold many meanings. Many couples give or receive promise rings to show that their relationship is exclusive. And one or both partners may wear the ring.

A promise ring, however, is not the same as a purity ring, which is worn to denote that an individual will save intimacy until marriage. Although, this pact also may be part of a couple’s promise. And exchanging promise rings or presenting a promise ring also can hold a special and private meaning to a couple that goes beyond exclusivity or future marriage.

While giving or exchanging promise rings should not be as formal as a proposal, the presentation varies on the couple. Sometimes the ring is simply given as a gift, or the ring presentation can be quirky or fun. There are no real rules that dictate how to present a promise ring. You can plan a unique presentation that incorporates your relationship or your partner’s interests like a treasure hunt for the ring or even surprise your partner with the ring at dinner…or under the stars.

Since a promise ring’s history is often known to symbolize a pre-engagement, be sure that the meaning of the ring is clearly understood to the recipient. If the ring is meant to be a placeholder for a future engagement ring, this intent should be discussed before the ring is presented…and make sure the two of you are on the same page regarding the future of the relationship. You don’t want the recipient to assume the ring symbolizes a future promise to marry, if you intend for the ring to simply showcase the relationship’s exclusivity.

The look of your promise rings should be as unique as your relationship. While promise rings typically feature small diamonds or gemstones, get creative with ring designs. Promise rings can be a simple or engraved band, they can incorporate the couple’s birthstones or they may even feature a cluster of stones for an amazing appeal. The only rule with promise rings is that the ring should not look like an engagement ring—that means no large solitaire diamonds!

Promised Designs

A birthstone promise ring is a beautiful way to showcase your relationship. Integrate both birthstones into one ring. The stones may form a heart or they may simply be set side-by-side. Include a few tiny diamonds for a little fire.

Choose a small diamond as the centerpiece of your promise ring, but add color or more interest with a halo surrounding the center diamond. Gemstone halos or tiny seed pearls make a small diamond appear bigger…without being mistaken for an engagement ring!

Some couples choose to both wear a promise ring. Matching bands inscribed with meaningful quotes or scripture can create symbolic sentiments. You also could include a tiny birthstone accent for each ring. Bands accented with Celtic knots also create amazing promise bands.

No matter what design you choose for a promise ring, just make sure that the recipient knows the meaning behind the ring…and the promise. Today, promise rings may hold many meanings. Some may represent a lifelong commitment, an exclusive relationship milestone, or a promise ring may even symbolize a future engagement. Make sure the promise is clear and that the ring illustrates your relationship and your perfect promise.



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What Exactly Is A Promise Ring?

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