5 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

5 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on June 9, 2021
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When all else fails, there are always shoes! From casual, formal, and sporty looks, women can channel a unique vibe just by mixing up their footwear. And in cases of a bad breakup, there’s nothing a shoe shopping spree could not fix!  It’s no secret that a little retail therapy is a great way to shake up those breakup blues. So, forget about moping or stalking your ex on social media and get ready to go shopping for new kicks instead! While you’re at it, make sure to buy pairs that would be useful for any occasion.  While it’s tempting to buy every glamorous pair out there, don’t forget to snag a couple of kicks that would fit situations beyond parties. In other words, stock up on pairs that could be used for casual getaways and mini-reunions with friends! Now, let’s dive into a list of 5 must-have shoes for women.


1. Sneakers 

Sneakers have come a long, long way. There’s all sorts of exciting things to look out for now like streetwear collabs, sustainable sneakers, new fabrics like wool and even running waterproof shoes that will make you feel like you’re running on a cloud. These types of shoes are perfect if you love to exercise and hit up outdoor activities; they’re light, gentle and allow your feet to breathe, which helps  prevent nasty sweat build-up. Best of all, you you can pair your sneakers up nicely with anything casual in your wardrobe, not just sweatpants! 


2. Loafers 

Loafers scream effortless chic, regardless of what they’re paired with. You can rock them with a business outfit or casual jeans during and yes of course… on a yacht! Best of all, the flat sole is super comfortable and wont slow you down as you roll around town. When choosing loafers, opt for classic black and brown colors, if you’re feeling like keeping it classy and chic. But, it you’re ready to rock the boat, go for an option with a power print. Whatever your preference, we challenge you to make loafers a wardrobe essential!


3. Knee-High Boots 

Get some boots that are made for walking, or not! Knee high boots are timeless classics that can be worn year in, year out as long as you choose a high quality pair.  Mix them up with shorts, miniskirts or tuck leggings into your boots. These boots sit just a few inches below the knees and are perfect way to express your fashion style without showing too much skin. 


4. Natural Heels 

Every woman needs a trusty pair of heels. If you’re heading to a wedding, dinner date, or any business meeting, no type of shoe will complement you better than natural heels. A natural heel is one that is high enough to give your body a certain height and still be comfortable enough for you to move freely. Heels can make every woman confident, effortlessly stunning, and compliment body frame – but the only catch is you have to be able to walk like a boss! So get some height, but keep it real. It wont work if you’re wobbling around.


5. House Sandals 

Even if you choose to stay at home, treat yourself to an iconic pair of house sandals. Go for warm, flat-soled, with enough room to allow your feet to breathe. We cant get enough of the ones made with sheep wool or cotton wool attached on the inside; it’s like stepping into bed with your feet with every step!


Every woman deserves to feel good from head to toe…especially after a breakup! A good pair of shoes that compliments your style and boosts your confidence will help you get back up on your feet in no time (literally and figuratively). So, don’t hesitate to get yourself a brand new pair of kicks, then step out for the world to see you!



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5 Pairs Of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

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