The Gist

He's selfish, a lier, disloyal, two faced and I love him

The Juice

He started out perfect, The in three months he started spending all his time with a group of people that called themselves the "basshunters". They were all at his private school and they were so exculsive. I was never allowed to hang out with them and when I did I was so scared of them that I was very quiet. His friends labled me as rude and ever since then have bitched about me and hated me. He doesn't stick up for me with them.either but laughs along and encourages it because its "banter." He has never once paid for my food on a date instead I am ashamed to say that 95% of the time I have paid for him. He cancles our plans to go to parties with his friends and then lies to me and tells me that he has to go home to study. I ask him to come to my family events and he never wants too. He didnt even come to my own party. whenever we fight I'm always the one to drive to his house to make it up to him, infact I drive to his every night and he hasnt come to mine in over a month now. I had a massive fight with my friends two days ago and I rang him at 2pm crying and sobbing, he was with his mates and he wouldnt come see me nor would he let me come see him for the rest of the day. I told him I wanted a hug because I had no one at the moment. He never wants to touch me or hug me in public and he never wants to broadcast our relationship in anyway. He's so embarassed of me yet his profile picture is of him and another girl. When i'm with him in person im so happy but when we are apart I want to tear my throat out. I dont know why he's treating me like this. I dont want to sound conceited but at my school i'm head cheerleader and I'm skinny and beautiful and I'm always getting interest from so many different boys. He's not a looker at all, and I know that that doesnt matter but I treat him so well!! I made myself the perfect grilfriend, when he was sick I brought him soup and poptarts. When he was stressed about exams and screamed at me, instead of getting angry (like most girls would) I went and brought him ice cream. I always try to make an effrt with his friends even though they arent nice to me at all and I havent meet most of them. I always try to make an effort with his family and they all love me! My friends say that im way out of his leauge and I get alot of shit for dating him but I dont care I love him and I just wish he would appriciate me and for once in his life do something that would benefit someone else that isnt himself. Hes so selfish and I just wish he didnt take me for granted.

Break Up Stage: Shocked
Break Up Stage: Shocked

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taken for granted, I feel so stupid

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