The 7 year jewelry


The 7 year jewelry
Posted by jessica_lynn82 on September 18, 2018
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3 black and white diamond rings All from Kay Jewelry Halo ring is 10k


Long story half way short. One night I got home from work at 4am. Found him passed out with the phone up to his ear. Looked at it, he'd been talking to his whore for an hour and half. Flipped through texts, it was to the point she was saying she loved him. I fast pitched his phone at him. Started packing my things to leave him. He cornered me in our bathroom of our newly built home, threw my suitcase into a wall, crushed my glasses, and was screaming at me that I wasn't going anywhere we were going to edith this out. I slapped him across the face which only pissed him off more... He threw me to the ground and crushed my wrist in 2 spots. I laid there lifeless and took the beating cause I couldn't fight back. He finally let me go so I called my dog and we headed to the door. Nothing with me (he had my phone and keys) I made my way down the stairs, to which he kicked me down the remaining 3 telling me he was helping me out the door. I got me and the dog in the car and we just sat there until he calmed down. He started bawling, begging me to come inside and let him explain everything cause he had nothing to lose. I got out of the car, went inside, made him get me ice, and sat on the couch and listened. He'd been talking to this girl for a year. Swore to me it was never sexual, strictly conversation that he wasn't getting from me. I told him he either cut it off or we were done. 1 week later, I checked the phone records, he was still texting and talking to her. Gave him one more shot or I was going to step in. 1 week after that still talking to her. So I sent a nasty text to her then blocked her from our phone plan. Fast forward.... I'm back to work, out of my cast. We were working on talking to each other, being more involved with each other, investing in our relationship. He shows me something on his phone. In his search bar pulls up 'match'. So I wait for him to go to sleep. Find his profile. That was my straw. Now he's some other girls problem.

My Bounce Back Plan is...

Using this money to help me start my life over in the city of my dreams. I'm selling everything I own and moving from Kansas to Vegas. I'm living my life the way I want to starting now. It's never too late to be happy!

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The 7 year jewelry

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