my accommodating self


Break Up Stage: Heartbroken
Break Up Stage: Heartbroken
my accommodating self
Posted by nikki on September 4, 2014
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I'm Selling...

Half used bottle of ketchup. I found another brand new bottle in the cabinet & will throw it in for free!


I feel that some things just don't belong together. Take ketchup - I love vinegar, tomato products, salt, etc. ALL INDIVIDUALLY. Put them together and it turns my stomach. Honestly, ketchup is the most disgusting thing on this planet and well I liken my recent relationship to ketchup. We were lovable as individuals but together couldn't be worse. I won't ramble about all of our disputes and arguments but I'm purging everything of his from my house - including these disgusting bottles of ketchup that he left behind. I'm sorry to all of you ketchup lovers out there - I swear I'm not hating. I just don't like the stuff and now that he's gone, it's perfectly reasonable to assume his stuff should also go.

My Bounce Back Plan is...

Surround myself with people that will support me and try not to dwell on another failed relationship. Maybe I just don't go well with anyone?...:(

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my accommodating self

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