Medieval Necklace


Medieval Necklace
Posted by Romia on March 13, 2017
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I'm Selling...

A silver woven chain necklace with a fake emerald in the middle. Celtic style, purchased at a renaissance faire.


My ex is essentially the word "toxic" if it were a human being. Before we dated, he would tell me I was being too clingy and emotional whenever I messaged him something sweet, but when I backed off he would say he could never trust me because I'm "too hot and cold" and "emotionally unpredictable". He would ghost me for months at a time, and then say I was a heartbreaker and he's been lamenting about me for months on end, that I've been ruining his emotional state. He got a girlfriend, hid it from me for six months, and when I found out, he told me "I just didn't want you to know because I thought you'd never date me in the future if you found out about this". THEN he tried getting me to be his sidegirl for the next six months, constantly texting me all day and saying sweet, loving things. They broke up, he changed his mind, called me a bunch of mean things, got back with her, and they tried to come crawling back to me when they broke up AGAIN six weeks later. When I told him I needed time, he essentially became a psycho, berating me for every single time a guy commented any of my pics or posts (he even got mad about my stepdad calling me pretty!). Suddenly, he would shame me for expressing my sexuality as a dancer, and for my risque photos (all the things that made him like me in the first place). He would blow up on me, apologize, and then say he did nothing wrong and had no need to apologize. Everything was my fault, all the time. It was Hell. This necklace is one of the many gifts he used to guilt trip me!

My Bounce Back Plan is...

to get my nails done! Really need to treat myself after this hellish relationship.

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Medieval Necklace

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