Kate Spade Red Purse


Break Up Stage: Better Than Ever
Break Up Stage: Better Than Ever
Kate Spade Red Purse
Posted by MsKate87 on August 20, 2015
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This is a genuine Kate Spade bag. It is a beautiful bright red with two small bows on each side. The bag is made of Nylon and leather. It has been gently used. 14k gold hardware and leather Kate spade logo.


He really loved this bag and bought it for me in 2 different colors. Purchased from Bloomingdales. I was never really a fan of the bag... I think it was just him trying to show off... I should have seen the signs back then! I want this bag to find a good home and someone who will give it the love and affection I never did... just like my relationship.

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Drinks, drinks, drinks!

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Kate Spade Red Purse

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