Diamond Solitaire Ring


Diamond Solitaire Ring
Posted by Jennifer_Hill on March 7, 2017
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Gorgeous diamond (3/4K) with all of the appraisal paperwork. Set in a Tiffany's setting, in white gold. Diamond painstakingly hand picked at a jeweler in NYC Diamond District. Elegant setting, stunning quality diamond.


Well, it was the perfect love story. He swept me off my feet, and - madly in love - we were engaged within 6 months. It was amazing. And the first year was also wonderful. Unfortunately, his addiction took over and changed him, to the point where I could no longer live with him and our two young children.

My Bounce Back Plan is...

Honestly, I wish I could say "Spa time!" but I need to pay off some of the bills that I have accumulated over the past couple of years as a single mom/ home owner.

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Diamond Solitaire Ring

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