Dana Rebecca Necklace


Dana Rebecca Necklace
Posted by [email protected] on April 16, 2017
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I'm Selling...

I'm selling this beautiful Lauren Joy - Medium Necklace by Dana Rebecca Designs. It is 8mm in diameter made of 14K white gold and pave diamonds. According to their website this necklace has been," spotted on celebrities in every day and even at red carpet events, this best-seller will be your go-to piece for any occasion."


Oh man was he the worst. This gorgeous necklace has been living in the bag it came in for years now because I cant bring myself to wear it again. It's stunning but it reminds me of him so it's got to go.

My Bounce Back Plan is...

Well as it turns out the next guy I dated is "the one". We are getting married in August and I couldn't be happier. We plan on donating the money from the necklace in honor of our new life together.

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Dana Rebecca Necklace

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