Beautiful dress that I didn’t want


Beautiful dress that I didn’t want
Posted by on January 13, 2018
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I'm Selling...

A beautiful off white wedding dress, with embroidery and detail on the entire corset. Beside the corset, the rest of the dress is all silk. This dress has never been worn.


The private boutique I went to was the first place that I went looking for a dress, and this dress was the first and only one I tried on. I like to think I can’t get hustled, but turns out I absolutely can and did. I had very strict intentions of not getting a dress over $500, and although I told the woman to not bring me anything over that amount to try on, she did anyways.. I ended up really loving it and when she told me how much it was ($1,300) I was so upset. She convinced me that I should get whatever my heart desired and that it didn’t matter how much it was..and I although I tried to get out of my surprise I failed. I ended up resenting the dress and the boutique and was told later by the credit card company that I could dispute the sale and get my money back especially because I never picked it up from the boutique . Upon being falsely informed of this opportunity, I went out and got a cheaper dress thinking I’d soon get the money back on the first dress! That never happened, the dispute got denied repeatedly and now I have the original dress in my possession as well as the cheaper one I ended up wearing!

My Bounce Back Plan is...

I actually plan to pay the credit card off that the dress is still on..not to exciting, but necessary!!

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Beautiful dress that I didn’t want

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