The Gist

so we met on a dating site he seemed like a cool guy 2 months later he broke it off

The Juice

so we were together for 2 months everything was going good,i thought until he broke it off over a text message i know what a coward i was so shocked came as surprise i literally saw him 2 days prior aswell anyway the reason for breaking it off was he said he just wasn't ready for a relationship which is bullshit dont get into one if you know you dont want one, messed with my feelings. he then deleted and blocked me from Facebook oh yeah because thats going to stop me from finding out shit about you loser, and it didnt because i have 2 Facebooks one personal and one for business and i searched him on my business one i know i shouldn't ive only done it a couple of times,i swear anyway so i looked couple weeks back and hes got a girlfriend hahahaha what a piece of shit, so much for im not ready for a relationship so heres where it gets real juicy i looked again like a week ago and there not together anymore they made it Facebook official and all and its been taken down hmmm im getting the sense that hes a player and just likes to go from girl to girl so good luck with your life buddy and im sorry to any girl who fools for his charm, For me im doing great and Thank god everyday that we didnt work out.

Break Up Stage: Better Than Ever
Break Up Stage: Better Than Ever

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glad hes gone

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