Womanhood 101 from “She’s the Man”

Womanhood 101 from “She’s the Man”

Posted by Daniella Appolonia on November 22, 2016
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“She’s the Man” is almost 10 years old. And, in honor of the milestone this brilliant creation has reached, we’re diving into some of our favorite moments from the film – moments that helped define our journeys into adulthood. Moments that changed the way we look at things like high heels, Gouda, and tampons forever.

Navigating the dating world, and growing up in general, are difficult to do. So, when you get down to it, the only “rules” you should follow are those from the holy grail of rom-coms. This beautiful film bestowed upon us the courage to press on when the odds are stacked against us and showed us the amazing things that can happen when we follow our hearts.

Okay, enough sappiness. Here are a few lessons we learned from watching Amanda Bynes fall on her face, impersonate a dude, and absolutely kick ass in soccer.

1. Honesty is the best policy.

Feelings are hard, so be straightforward. It’s increasingly difficult nowadays to find someone who doesn’t want to “play games.” So, if you’re into someone, tell them. If it’s just not working, you owe them the truth. And, when you can, be a good friend and offer the best advice you can.


2. Girls are STRONG!

When push comes to shove, and just when we think we can’t go anymore, we tend to surprise ourselves. Amanda Bynes as Viola was proof of that. She survived not showering for a while, playing soccer on a men’s team, watching her crush vie for the affection of another woman (and even helping him with his “game” off the field), all while pretending to be her brother. And, girl barely broke a sweat while doing it!


3. If a guy is being irrational/rude/sexist, etc. BREAK IT OFF LIKE A BOSS.

This breakup scene is honestly one of the best of all time, especially after hearing a guy say such unsupportive things about Viola’s soccer skills. She could totally keep up with all the dudes – he knew it, was insecure, and just didn’t want to admit she could show him up. Viola wouldn’t stand for it, and calmly told him just that. We should all follow suit.


4. How not to eat in public*.

This is self-explanatory.

*You can eat like this alone, because, hello, BBQ RIBS anyone??


5. It’s all about that self talk.

Sometimes, YOU have to be the one to talk yourself up, and tell yourself you’re awesome and that it’s all going to be okay. Not many people, except Viola’s closest friends, knew about her secret. So, she had to rely on her own inner monologues to be positive and keep herself motivated (as a pretend dude). I think we could all use a little more of this in our lives.


6. Cheese is always a good conversation filler.

There are so many types, and it’s so delicious and there are so many things NOT to talk about nowadays that are sensitive topics of discussion. So, let’s all just talk about cheese when there’s an awkward lull in a conversation. Deal?


7. You can’t control everything in life. Sometimes, you just have to breathe.

Situations don’t always turn out the way we want them to or plan for, and often things are the way they are for a reason. We can either freak out or accept them and react with the advice Viola so eloquently gives out.


8. It’s okay to let loose sometimes.

Scream, dance, let your freak flag fly. The crazier the better. Sometimes you just need to do you and not care who’s watching (even if it is your soccer coach that you’re grinding up on).


9. Even during an awkward phase, there’s still hope y’all.

Someone will see you for YOU, and that’s what’s important. Asthma, headgear, less than perfect hair? Forget them all. Someone will see the beauty in your imperfections and just how wondrous and perfect your soul is. And that is crazy cool (JUST LIKE EUNICE, MY FRIENDS).


10. You can get the guy.

Trek on ladies. Your perseverance, good deeds, and hard work will pay off. The good ones are out there! Sometimes it takes a while for the right one to come along, or for all the pieces to fall into place. But, eventually, they will! (And, I know it’s totally a movie and it’s supposed to have a happy ending but LOOK at these crazy kids!)


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Womanhood 101 from “She’s the Man”

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