Unforgettable Christmas Date Ideas

Unforgettable Christmas Date Ideas

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on December 13, 2019
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The holidays are a time of warmth, love, and closeness, leaving many couples looking for more than a little mistletoe makeout. In fact, surveys show that more people are looking to get frisky around the holidays than other times of the year: checkout the infographic here –>

If you and your partner are looking to heat things up this Christmas, consider using the season as inspiration for a unique date night. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:


Take a sleigh ride

What’s more romantic than riding in a horse-drawn sled with your significant other, surrounded by a little snowfall? Bring along a blanket and cuddle close together to stay warm. Then, no one will be able to notice if things get a little steamier. Pack some hot chocolate and take in the natural scenery that’s served as an aphrodisiac for generations. If you live in a warmer state, don’t worry! There are several sleigh rides available in nearly every state, you just have to look.


Try some holiday roleplay

Bring the Christmas cheer into the bedroom and try out some holiday-inspired roleplaying. Although it may sound a bit strange, 10% of couples have had sex wearing a Santa hat, and it can actually be a fun twist to bring you closer together. Consider trying the classic Santa and Mrs. Claus, or thinking more out of the box with Santa and a naughty lister. There are several different Christmas-themed lingerie options, too, so don’t be afraid to get creative with it! No matter what, you’ll be sure to have a fun time or at least a good laugh afterward.


Cuddle up by the fire

Or, keep things indoors on a snowy evening. Whether it’s raging in a fireplace or played on the TV screen, a crackling fire can set the mood for a night of romance. Cuddle up together for a cheesy Christmas movie and see where the night takes you. For an added sexy delight, bring along some egg nog to enjoy together. The cream, nutmeg, and honey inside are considered to be effective aphrodisiacs and can leave you both ready to head to bed.


Host an ugly sweater party

With the popularity of sweater parties around this time of year, you’re bound to attend at least one every holiday season. But, consider hosting your own with your significant other. Working together on a project can be a fun team-bonding activity and can even bring you closer together. Plus, if it’s in your own house, you can always sneak upstairs for a quickie if the mood strikes you. Just be sure to limit your alcohol intake: too much can affect sex hormones and inhibit your libido and performance.


Plan ahead

Whatever date idea you choose, be sure you’re planning ahead in case you and your partner move the festivities to the bedroom. If you’re worried about anything interrupting the mood, prep in advance! This doesn’t just mean the basics like condoms, birth control, and lube, however. It’s also important to consider switching things up with new sex toys and foreplay moves or speaking with a doctor about sexual problems you or your partner may experience. There are several ways to address common issues so they shouldn’t be the reason your sex life cools off. Disorders like erectile dysfunction, for example, can be treated well in advance so it doesn’t interrupt your night. Ask your doctor about generic Viagra for affordable treatment, or about different lifestyle changes to make to help improve your performance. However you prep, be sure to do it early so nothing disrupts you or your partner’s pleasure.


This Christmas, take full advantage of those long nights. Use the season to inspire a little experimentation and keep your night not so silent!




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Unforgettable Christmas Date Ideas

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