Travel: The best teacher you’ll ever have

Travel: The best teacher you’ll ever have

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on September 17, 2018
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Travel is a feeling like no other. A beautiful ride that takes us through many emotions, often at the same time, and leaves us in a state of euphoria that is hard to replicate. Travel is life, and no life is complete unless we have journeyed to see the world and experience the many fascinating aspects of the planet we call home. Travel teaches us many things, it comforts us, it makes us belong, but most importantly it leads to introspection, a chance to discover ourselves as we wander out into the great wide open.


Become A Relationship Expert

Travel is the best relationship expert one can find. Whether it is about discovering yourself or understanding your soul mate, a trip to a foreign land brings out the best and the worst in a person. All of us go through different phases in our lives. Similarly, there is a coming of age for a couple which consists of the right time for every stage in their partnership. Travel plays an essential role in that right from the beginning when the couple is first getting to know each other, all the way till the end, when they can seamlessly visit places having lived a life of joyous companionship.  

Adapt To Anything

No matter the type of travel you undertake, drifting around from one place to another is the perfect lesson in understanding adaptability. What to do if you miss a flight? How to react if the hotel reception cannot find your booking after you’ve arrived from a 14-hour trip? And then there is culture shock and finding calm in the chaos that runs in the veins of a country like India. Or worse, what if there is a natural or political disaster, how do you go about keeping yourself and those around you safe? Travel is about being in the thick of things and realising that there is always a way out, you merely have to have the right peace of mind to best adapt to the situation.


Learn Lessons You Never Expected

The most apparent advantage of travelling is that it makes you learn about various locations around the world. More importantly it teaches us about the people that might seem different, but in the end are very much like us. There is an abundance of lessons to be learnt, and they can include from the very basic like France has some of the best wines to the more fascinating like the secret handrail in an aircraft that you can use to move around between aisles. Each village or town in a country has a distinct characteristic that teaches us about the way people live in different situations. Travel is not just about textbook knowledge, but about lessons that help us grow as individuals.

Challenge Yourself

A critical experience that forms a part of travel is the ability to challenge ourselves. Jumping off a cliff into the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean or venturing out into the rainforests of Jamaica to discover a hidden waterfall, travel places us in situations where we can overcome our fears. Whether it is about travelling solo as a woman in an unknown part of the world or taking your very first ski lesson at the age of 50, adrenalin rushes through our bodies when we are in foreign lands, and this makes us do things that we might never have thought of performing otherwise.     


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Travel: The best teacher you’ll ever have

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