The Dangers of “Crushing” This Summer #HeSaidSheSaidNews

The Dangers of “Crushing” This Summer #HeSaidSheSaidNews

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on June 5, 2015
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This just us in from our friends at MOGUL!

With the approach of summer comes one thing: it’s CRUSH season. It’s a time when New Yorkers are not only looking to shed their coats after that awfully long winter, but also…their panties. That’s right.

As exciting as having a new crush can be, however, there are some hidden dangers that you and your loved ones should be aware of prior to skipping along the street with that hot new date.

What are those risks? Well, our MOGUL team recently took it to the streets to get the scoop on what YOU need to know when it comes to love this summer.

You won’t believe what we found out…


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The Dangers of “Crushing” This Summer #HeSaidSheSaidNews

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