Spin with Blogger Christa Larkin

Spin with Blogger Christa Larkin

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on November 25, 2015
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I was lucky enough to meet Christa at a charity event for breast-cancer. After an exhausting and exhilerating spin class, we swapped stories on all things life and love. Christa has a magnetism that you can feel a mile off and a concept that takes blogging to the next level. For every human spectrum and situation you can imagine, Chrisa has coined the perfect playlist. Her curations make you see artists in a whole new light, as well as dramatically warping, morphing and enhancing the sentiment of a situation. Check out her genius at Mean Little Mix – and read on for her views on all things love, sex and dating.

What do you do and why do you do it? 

I run my own music and lifestyle blog MeanLittleMix.com, and I also work for a company called RhythmOne that connects brands with bloggers. Basically my life is blogs on blogs on blogs, and I love it.  I studied visual & media arts in college and I’ve always been drawn to photography, video editing, and writing, so this blogging world was a huge draw for me.  I love the idea that anyone can create their own space on the internet to share what they’re interested in with an unlimited audience across the world.  What’s better than that?!

 What’s the best gift you ever got?

All of the best gifts I’ve ever received have been surprises, not for any sort of special occasion. I especially love anything hand-made. I still have the mixed CD my 7th grade crush made me (with my initials written neatly on the front in sharpie….SIGH.  Fun fact:  it was mostly gangster rap, except for one “Brown Eyed Girl” thrown in, which I was convinced meant he loved me.)  Currently my nightstand holds my favorite and most simple gifts from my boyfriend… a handwritten note and some dried up flowers I saved from a bouquet he sent me at work one day for no reason. That kind of stuff is my favorite because it’s not out of any obligation like a birthday or hallmark holiday, it shows you’re on their mind, and just want to do something to make you smile.


What’s the worst gift you ever got?

Hmmmm that’s a tough one!  I want to say a hideous heart-covered matching fleece pajama set from my aunt…but if we’re being really honest I wore those pajamas all the time when I was home alone.   They were cozy, ok?!?


What’s your advice for all things love, sex and dating?

Don’t expect someone to read your mind.  If you’re upset about something, just say it. (Preferably calmly.  In Private. Sans alcohol.)  And if you like something they’re doing…tell them that too!  Don’t overcomplicate it. Don’t make assumptions. And also… have your own life, your own interests.  Being passionate about something is sexy.


What’s your go to pick me up?

A kickass a playlist!  Whether I’m sad and trying to get out of a funk or just tired and trying to motivate myself to wake up early or go workout, I need me some tunes! (That’s essentially my blog in a nutshell…it’s all of the music I listen to in order to get geared up for whatever occasion or mood I’m in).

 Tell us about your first heartbreak.

Do I have to?  There was a lot of tears and snot involved.  But in all seriousness, your first heartbreak is always the worst because it’s such a shock to your system.  It’s so hard to see ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ you just feel like it’s never going to end, that you’ll never ever feel better.  But in the oh-so wise words of Lady Gaga “You have to stop crying and you have to go kick some ass.”

 My Moving On Playlist

  1. Mr. Know It All – Kelly Clarkson
  2. What Goes Around – Justin Timberlake
  3. There You Go – Pink
  4. What Hurts The Most – Rascall Flatss
  5. Rolling in the Deep – Adelle
  6. Somebody I Used to Know – Goyte
  7. Love the Way You Lie – Rihanna
  8. Wide Awake – Katy Perry
  9. Apologize – Timbland Ft. OneRepulic
  10. Survivor – Destiny’s Child

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Spin with Blogger Christa Larkin

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