Simple Hacks for Stunning Lashes

Long, thick lashes have always been in high demand. Both artificial and natural alike, women have been craving to frame their stunning gazes with that most effeminate feature. Aside from their role of stealing glances, eyelashes are there to keep our eyes protected from dust and other particles harmful for our eyes. Which is why healthy lashes equal beautiful lashes. And if you keep on reading, you will find out that the secret to a stunning pair of lashes is in natural remedies – quick, easy, and affordable for everyone. So start taking notes!

Natural oils

One google search will lead you to hundreds of different recipes on homemade natural oils that can help your lashes grow and become stronger. To save you hours of browsing through different websites, here are our top picks:

– Castor oil – dipping a cotton swab in castor oil, and applying it gently to the roots of your eyelashes. Castor oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in regaining your lashes’ health

– Aloe vera – apply some aloe vera gel every night with a mascara wand or a brush and rinse with warm water the next day

– ½ teaspoon coconut oil and 2-3 drops lavender essential oil – mix them up and use a clean mascara brush to apply it

Massage eyelids

Whichever oil you decide to apply, make sure to do so very gently. It’s not just about your lashes – it’s about the skin around them as well. So long as you keep the skin healthy and well hydrated, the blood can flow through properly, to allow for the growth. Make sure to eat properly and take in enough vitamins, to ensure the skin’s elasticity. That way, gentle massage becomes the most effective. Make small circular motions around the eyes and eyelids with your middle or ring finger, every night before bed. After a week of this nightly treatment, you are bound to see results.

Eyelash care – brush and be gentle

Another small thing you can do daily that doesn’t involve a whole lot of prep work is brushing. Believe it or not, using an old mascara wand to gently brush your lashes from roots to the ends endorses their growth and thickness. It also removes any dust or grime that had collected throughout the day, which also has the tendency to dry out the lashes. This can be the perfect prep before applying one of the oils combinations we have previously mentioned, or used later to fully spread out the oils. There are a few tips on storing eyelash extension tweezers that are worth familiarising yourself with.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant available in certain types of food. Aside from its widely known benefits in protecting from heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s, vitamin E is also a beauty vitamin. Perpetrating better blood circulation, it is known to cause greater blood flow to the scalp and face. This, in turn, helps the hair growth, and opening of the pores on the faces. Vitamin E can be found as a supplement, or in some foods, so choosing the consummation method really depends on personal preference. Green vegetables, nuts and vegetable oil all have vitamin E, and some food companies even add it to products like cereal, margarines and fruit juices.


To even begin thinking about all the natural oils and ointments you can use on your lashes, make it a regular practice to cleanse your face thoroughly. Take off all your makeup, taking extra care of your lashes and eyelids. Experts warn that residue mascara from poor cleaning methods can dry out and damage your lashes, so try find those that have as little chemicals as possible. Furthermore, when removing mascara, don’t rush into it and start plucking the clumps with your fingers. Be patient and take as much time as needed. Otherwise, no essential oil treatment will help.

Petroleum jelly

Eyelashes have the tendency to become weaker in the roots, which is why they begin to fall off easily. Further aided by our constant rubbing of eyes, and it is all set for a beauty disaster. Petroleum jelly is an ingredient that a lot of experts swear by. Applying it strengthens your lashes in the roots, repairing any damage from the frequent application of mascara and eyeliner, and our hand-to-eye contact.


The best eyelash care advice would be to be your own beautician even outside the makeup routine. Wash your face frequently and take gentle care with the area around your eyes. Thoroughly remove your eye makeup to prevent the lashes from drying out, and keep your diet rich in vitamin E foods. Caring for your lashes, as small and easy to maintain as they may seem, are just as demanding as your skin and hair. Providing them with the best will have you noticing fuller, stronger, healthier lashes in a few weeks’ time.

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