Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

When it’s not presented in a catchy ‘80’s song, this question is actually quite stressful. We’ve heard it all before, that nobody’s perfect, that love is something you have to work for, etc. etc. Still, many times in relationships we feel a sense of uncertainty. We’ll usually experience doubts due to various factors and scenarios that come into play in relationships. And even after spilling out your heart to your best friend and consuming three full glasses of wine, you’re still sitting there with this overwhelming question: should I stay or should I go? Well, we’ve looked into some of the top reasons for a breakup and have considered both sides.


He’s Cheated On You…

If You Stay: You will have to truly and sincerely forgive him for the relationship to work after this. But first, he’ll have to be truly and sincerely sorry. Also, there are important factors to consider, like whether this was a one-time thing or an on-going affair, if he’s had history of infidelity, and how long you’ve been together. Ultimately, if you stay, you have to overcome this and learn to forgive and move on. This can’t be brought up again every time you fight.

If You Go: You will still have to overcome this. You won’t have to worry about trust issues with this particular guy, but you’ll still have to with all other relationships. You can’t let this one guy ruin all your future relationships with trust issues. Just think, if you met someone and they said ‘My last girlfriend cheated so you will too’ – you’d think they were nuts. Don’t let it tarnish you!


He’s Moving Away…

If You Stay: You’ll have to get that long-distance thing on lock. Download Skype. And What’s App. And Snapchat. And Periscope. Buy postage stamps. Ditch your current, cheap phone carrier that always drops your calls. It’s almost like you have to put in more effort to keep your relationship alive than you did when he lived 10 minutes away. But hey, they say distance makes the heart grow fonder.

If You Go: Yeah, you won’t have to deal with a long-distance relationship, but you may always wonder, What if I had tried? What if it worked out and I was planning a wedding right now? Would I be moving out to Nebraska for him? What is there to do in Nebraska? Nah, forget that.


You’ve Fallen Out Of Love…

If You Stay: They say love is work; any married couple will tell you that. What happens when you don’t feel it anymore? Is there a way to fall back into love? If you stay, you could figure that out. But then, you may also be putting in more effort and more time to something that was lost from the start. If you stay, find a way to make falling back in love fun. Date nights. Try new things. Pick up a new hobby together. You might fall in love in ways you never had before.

If You Go: You’ll try and find a new love, and you’re a great catch, so you will. But love is still work, so you’ll still have to keep your love alive. Love is always going to be work, no matter who you’re with. It ain’t all rosy!


He’s Unambitious…

If You Stay: You’ll have to continue being his personal motivator for who knows how long. He’ll have to keep finding lame excuses as to why his current job at Chipotle suffices. But I mean, you’d make a pretty hot sugar mama.

If You Go: You’ll have to find someone else who’s just as ambitious to make you feel good about where you’re at in life. That wouldn’t be too hard. But then, your fridge won’t be fully stocked with all the craft beer and Chinese leftovers he’s always buying while you’re at work. Eh, you’ll make due.


You’re Always Fighting…

If You Stay: Y’all need couple’s therapy. But really, if you guys absolutely love each other and both of you are willing to make it work, then make it work. Do what it takes. You watch that lame, yawn-worthy baseball game with him if he cooks dinner. And does the dishes. And vacuums. And does laundry. You know, compromise.

If You Go: You may definitely save yourself a headache from being out of that stressful environment. You’ll also save money from not having to pay for couple’s therapy, so, bring on that shopping spree! New purse, no headache, that doesn’t sound too bad.

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