Why You Should See The “Ghostbusters” Reboot, Even If It Looks Terrible

Why You Should See The “Ghostbusters” Reboot, Even If It Looks Terrible

Posted by Brianna Porter on April 22, 2016
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What do misogynists and bad movie critics have in common?

Everything! That’s because if you’re a misogynist, and you let your misogyny determine whether a movie is good or bad, you’re a terrible critic, and nobody should trust you (I know, this is great party-joke material). Fortunately, there are thousands of trustworthy and mostly unbiased movie critics out there, so when looking for a professional movie review, you shouldn’t have to look too hard for a reliable one. However, there are still thousands of unprofessional movie critics (us regular folk) that frequently let their opinions and biases rule their criticism of a film. And, if we’re being honest here, it’s not hard to find a sexist man with the insatiable urge to share his unwanted movie opinion. Looking at you, Youtube comment section.

What does this have to do with the new Ghostbusters reboot, set to premier in July, featuring an all-female leading cast? Despite boasting an all-star cast (including power-duo Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig) and featuring an epic revamp of the original Ghostbusters theme song, the trailer for the film on Youtube has more than twice the amount of dislikes as it has likes. And the comments? Nearly all of them are saying something negative and sexist (and when you can find the rare positive comment, the misogynists have already stormed in to respond that they must be a “bot”– which companies do use sometimes to change public perception of something— because nobody would possibly try to bring any positivity into their misogynistic sausage fest, would they?) Now, normally, I wouldn’t spend so much time and energy caring about comments made by immature, delusional men behind a computer, but I’m excited for this movie, even if it does look a little gimmicky, and here’s why: representation!

According to The New York Film Academy, only 30% of speaking characters in film are women, only 10% of movies feature a balanced cast where half the characters are female, and the ratio of men to women in film is about 2.25 to 1. Additionally, women purchase half of the movie tickets sold in the U.S. So why, if women make up half of the total movie ticket consumers, are there so few women in film? And when they’re in film, why do 30% of them have to wear sexually-revealing clothes or get partially naked (in comparison, only around 7-9% of male actors have to do the same)? Because of misogyny! In case you don’t believe me, I’ve taken some of the most misogynistic comments (so misogynistic it’s unbelievable, but unfortunately they’re real) from the trailer on Youtube for your viewing pleasure below.


“I’ve seen women vacuum, I’d never trust one with a proton pack.”

Do misogynists want us to vacuum or do they not want us to vacuum? Talk about mixed signals.

But seriously, we’re talking about a science fiction film here. Proton packs do not actually exist. Sexism knows no bounds. This person is really not going to see this film just because they wouldn’t trust a woman with a fictional device.


“The feminist agenda is clear. Feminists are out to ruin everything men like. Not because they feel they have to. But just because they get enjoyment out of screwing men over.”

Correction, we get enjoyment out of screwing misogynists over. But, hey, if the shoe fits!


“A movie written by feminists…..”

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a real rocket scientist here.

It’s very clearly not written by meninists (aka, misogynists), because if it were, we wouldn’t have any three-dimensional, awesome women playing scientists (which is a real profession for women…that many women have as a job…in real life…)


“Feminists think that women need to be hysterical and fat to be powerful.
And instead of creating their own female symbols, they need to take down men’s (like this movie).
This film will be about feminism, racism, and ‘plus size’ standard.”

They’re right, women shouldn’t be funny, or have beautiful bodies of all different sizes. We should all be one size, and we should all be boring and silent. We shouldn’t talk. We should let you do all the talking. I already feel my power growing.


“Having an ALL female cast is obviously forced political correctness, and people hate that. If Sony wanted ‘gender equality’ they should have had two male and two female. Also, the jokes are unfunny.”

I wonder where this person was when the original movie featured an all-male cast? Were they advocating for a half-male, half-female cast then?


But all jokes aside, this movie will fail at the box office if people continue to practice their misogyny and let it ruin the opinion of a movie that’s not even out yet. This film is important to me and thousands of other women who are sick of seeing themselves portrayed as only a sex symbol, existing only for the men in the film, and it’s important for the little girls who will go to see it and realize that they, too can be more than just their looks, but a human being with a brain, feelings, and the ability to be anything they want— including kick-ass scientists that save the city from a total ghost takeover. Or just a regular scientist, which is equally kick-ass! All in all, the movie looks neither low-budget nor boring, so if you can just put your sexism aside for, like, ever, and go out and see it, it’d mean a lot. Because, even if it totally blows (which won’t be because it’s an all-women cast), we’d still be taking a step in the right direction for better representation of women in film. And that’s what matters.



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Why You Should See The “Ghostbusters” Reboot, Even If It Looks Terrible

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