Runway-Inspired Hair Trends for This Season

Runway-Inspired Hair Trends for This Season

Posted by Sophia Smith on April 5, 2017
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Spring is finally here, and if you’re ready to change your hairstyle for this season – stay with us! Here are the most amazing runway-inspired hair trends for spring 2017, and you know what? These aren’t reserved exclusively for the runway! Check them out and pick one just for yourself.

Textured bangs on point

Bangs are definitely here to stay, but there’s a little twist this season when it comes to this timeless hairstyle. These undoubtedly require a lot of maintenance, no matter how you wear them.

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Both long and s, hort bangs need extra care in between haircuts, and let’s keep it real – no one has that much time to keep them tamed and perfectly sleek. That’s exactly why we can often see those messy, textured bangs all over the place these days. One thing is certain – these are much easier to maintain, and what’s even greater about them is the fact that they work for every texture – even curly hair! Just make sure that your hairdresser cuts them dry, in order to get the length you really want.

Centre part as the ultimate trend

Even though you’ve probably had mixed feelings about the center part, you can be sure that this is one of the hottest trends today. If you’ve seen Kendall Jenner at Michael Kors’ show, you know what we’re talking about.

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It looks absolutely stunning with literally any hair length and texture – from a sleek bob and rumpled waves to a classic braid, double Dutch braids, and even a gelled bun! Celebrities have gone crazy about this trend for a good reason – it looks smokin’ hot, and it’s so incredibly wearable!

Romantic curls are always a good idea

Romantic curls are probably one of the most raved about trends these days, showcased both on the runway and in the streets.

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La Perla’s models wore perfectly styled beach curls matched with deep Bordeaux lip color, which was definitely a match made in heaven. On the other hand, Zac Posen’s SS17 show taught us that Moroccanoil products are our best friends – these provide the softest strands ever, with a controlled texture that results in a modern and romantic look that’s in high demand for spring.

The hottest hair colors for spring 2017

When talking about the hottest hair colors for this season, it seems that we’re slowly but surely moving towards the all-natural look, without all those crazy shades not many of us could ever pull off. One of such shades is chocolate brown, which looks fabulous against all skin tones, without exceptions.

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On the other hand, blondes who would like to try something new should definitely go for a strawberry golden bronze. It’s perfect for a bit paler complexion since it adds color to the skin. Of course, the most important thing when changing your hair color is taking extra care of your tresses – healthy hair is always in style, so make sure you take your hair vitamins regularly. Apart from that, all kinds of hair masks are absolutely obligatory for ravishing hair!

Cute low ponytails as a fashion statement

Last but not least, adorable low ponytails are making a huge comeback this season. Even though this hairstyle looks very straightforward, it actually allows playing and introducing some innovations such as unusual braids or even hair knotting. It’s also one of the best styles if you can’t say goodbye to your romantic curls – just pull them back and create a gorgeous low ponytail with a stylish elastic band. Trust us, you won’t go wrong with this stunning hairstyle!

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Each one of these trends is absolutely amazing, and you surely won’t make a mistake whichever you pick. The fact is that runway hairstyles aren’t always wearable in the real world; however, designers nailed it this season with the most fabulous trends we can wear on a daily basis. Don’t be afraid to give them a try!



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Runway-Inspired Hair Trends for This Season

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