Radio Times With Jay Bradley

Radio Times With Jay Bradley

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on June 24, 2015
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He’s an anti-aging and wellness coach, TV host and author – and on top of all that an incredibly kind and distractingly attractive guy! I met Jay in the studio for our radio show Finding Cupid. We spoke about all things self-love, love and how to live life unbridled. He’s just launched his new book LIVE LOOK FEEL.  If you’re ready to take life to the next level, it’s a must-read.
What do you do and why do you do it?
I am an anti-aging, wellness & lifestyle coach as well as an author and TV host. I do it because it is who I am at my core. I spent my life trying to get balanced, healthy and well in body, mind and spirit and along the way I discovered that my passion is to help others do the same.
What’s the best gift you ever got?
The best gift I ever got was a beautiful black diamond necklace from a good friend. It was certainly the most luxurious but more than that, he knew that I liked his and so he had his jeweler create one exactly the same for me. I was touched!
What’s the worst gift you ever got?
The worst gift I ever got was a bad of half opened cookies. No joke!?
What’s you advice for all things love, sex and dating?
My advice for love is “wait for the right one to come along instead of jumping into something just because you’re lonely and become the person that you want to attract.” As for sex “enjoy it, relax and let go of the judgment and shame that might surround you with regards to your enjoyment of sex.” Dating? I personally don’t do a lot of casual dating because it’s time consuming but if you do date, stick with coffee NOT dinner! The worst thing possible is being stuck in an expensive and long dinner with somebody you have NOTHING in common with. 😉
– What’s your go to pick me up?
My go to pick me up would have to be clothes or skin care shopping! I LOVE my product!
– Tell us about your first heartbreak…
My first heartbreak was after my 7 year relationship ended at the age of 28. I thought that we would be together forever and it took me a very long time to get over.
– Tell us about a time you Bounced Back better than ever
I would say that I bounced back better than ever fairly recently. I was feeling lost, unhappy, and unsuccessful at reaching my goals but somewhere deep down I found it in me to dig deep and finally complete my first book. Well, since it has been out, MAGICAL things are happening!

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Radio Times With Jay Bradley

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