The Most Promising Health and Wellness Trends for 2019

The Most Promising Health and Wellness Trends for 2019

Posted by Kacey on January 10, 2019
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2018 was a year of massive growth for the health and wellness sector. As we begin 2019, the industry will only grow bigger as more promising trends enter the market. For example, you could be consuming more plant-based seafood this year or trying out Botox for your chronic migraines. Here are 10 health and wellness trends you’ll hear about in 2019.

1. CBD Products

CBD regulations are changing, and that’s paving the way for new products from skin care to food. In 2019, you can prepare to see protein powders, pain-relief patches and even vaporizer pens with CBD. More companies and brands are also experimenting with mixing CBD and herbal ingredients such as peppermint and lemon.

2. Plant-Based Seafood

Beef and chicken have already gotten plant-based upgrades, so why not seafood? Today, 20 percent of the money Americans spend on food and beverages goes toward plant-based products. Expect seafood to play a role in that market in 2019 as more companies experiment with plant combinations. For example, Good Catch recently created a shelf-stable “tuna” made with lentils, chickpeas and fava beans.

3. More Fitness Recovery Classes

Chances are you’ve heard of the more popular fitness classes — cycling, yoga, barre, Zumba and more. However, your gym’s classes could get an upgrade in 2019 with classes geared toward recovery. Cryotherapy, infrared light beds and handheld massage machines may begin to infiltrate gyms or studios dedicated to recovery. For example, Upgrade Labs is a new fitness concept that offers 15-minute treatments for recovery and improving mental and physical performance.

4. Botox for Migraines

Do you suffer from migraines or chronic headaches? 2019 will bring a solution besides medication — Botox. Botox can help treat chronic migraines by lowering expression in specific pain pathways involving the trigeminovascular system. Activity in that system is the headache stage of a chronic migraine episode. The best news is it takes 15 minutes to get the injections, so you could even go in for your treatment over your lunch break.

5. Revolutionary Home Technology

If you’ve ever wished you could work out at home with the same technology you find at your gym, 2019 could make your wish come true. We already have smart rowing machines, weightlifting systems, boxing gloves and more. And the popular company Peloton announced it will expand into yoga and roll out new treadmills in 2019. However, one of the most exciting trends is coming from a startup called Mirror. Mirror’s full-length connected device goes in your living space and includes an LCD panel, stereo speakers, camera and mic to give you a range of one-on-one fitness classes right in your home.

6. Updated Feminine Care Products

Some topics that were previously taboo are coming to light this year, including feminine care products. Not only is body hair more accepted and celebrated, but vaginal-health-focused brands are growing. Today, you’ll find brands such as Lady Suite, Fur, The Perfect V and Love Wellness in the beauty aisle to help you care for sensitive skin and hair.

7. Farm-to-Table Wine

As we grow more conscious about our food, it makes sense the focus in 2019 would include wine. Non-organic wine gets made from grapes sprayed with pesticides and chemicals. On the other hand, organic or natural wine comes from grapes grown without herbicides or pesticides. Watch for a label that says your wine is coming from organic or biodynamic vineyards this year.

8. Wellness Goes Mainstream

Have you ever found a favorite wellness product, only to realize no one near you carries it? That will change this year, as big names such as Target, Walmart and CVS will stock more wellness brands. For example, CVS executives said their stores would offer more preventive and self-care solutions such as natural supplements, sleep masks and more.

9. Money Talks Aren’t off Limits

Financial stress can take a toll on your physical and mental health. It’s also one of those taboo topics that’s difficult to discuss, even with your significant other. That will change in 2019, as more well-known financial institutions step up to address this aspect of wellness. Prudential, Chase Bank and Visa are just three places that are offering programs to help individuals improve their financial health.

10. It’s All About the Hormones

Hormones are more than just PMS. Today, more people understand the role of hormones in all areas of the body, such as your heart health and sleep quality. In 2019, more startups are planning to offer at-home hormone testing you used to only get at a doctor’s office. The results can help give you insight on stress, sleep, thyroid and even fertility.

Try a New Trend in 2019

A new year is a great time to also try a new trend. Don’t let the year slip away from you without trying at least one health or wellness trend that could make your life a little happier and healthier.


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The Most Promising Health and Wellness Trends for 2019

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