Productivity Hacks To Do As Soon As You Get To Your Office

Productivity Hacks To Do As Soon As You Get To Your Office

Posted by Gwen Lewis on March 4, 2018
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The office space can be a hectic environment especially for women. You have to juggle work and family issues and this can be a whole lot confusing. The modern workplace has seen a lot of revolution and now there are many people who work from home. Staying productive in your home office  can seem challenging since you are in very familiar surroundings and boredom quickly creeps in. Delving into social media or playing adventurous games isn’t the solution. So, what can you do? Here are some quick tips:

5 Productive Things to Do at Your Office

1. Succession planning: once you get into your office, it is paramount to have a well laid plan on how you intend to spend the day. Depending on your job description, you can be specific when outlining the tasks per month. For instance, instead of just noting down ‘annual campaigns’  be specific on which month this assignment will take place.

2. Organize your emails: even if you already have the habit of saving every email as it comes in, that is still not enough. You also need to save the great feedback you have received because of an impressive project you worked on. Go through these emails and check which ones you will need for later use.

3. Help out: a great way to be productive in your office is to help out colleagues who are tied to a very busy assignment. You get to learn about other parts of the organization and learn new skills in the process. When you get into the habit of lending out a helping hand to your colleagues, they are more likely to reciprocate the action in future when you will need some extra help.

4. Track accomplishments: there are two main reasons as to why you need to track office accomplishments. It makes it easier to prepare for mid year and end year reviews. The second reason is that when another more prestigious opportunity opens up in your office, you are ready to apply if your accomplishments shine through. With the availability of innovative smartphones you can easily download an app that helps you to do exactly this.

5. Evaluate your use of time on the office: sometimes you just need to take a break from all that hectic schedule and evaluate how you will use your time.  Have a chart to break down all the activities you engage  in a day. Then find out if you can make adjustments for greater efficiency. This can even be a wake up call to identify if you are spending too much time on drafting a report, handling emails or not using technology in handling transactions.

The Importance of Exercise  

Experts have long agreed that staying in a dormant position brings about numerous health risks. Office workers need to take short breaks such as taking a brief walk or use the stairs instead of the lift.  You can also do some little leg stretches while standing. Brief breaks from work issues is not only healthy but also offers the opportunity to excite the mind and visualize the things you would like to do.

The Final Word

Whether you are employed or working from your home office, these tips will help you stay productive. This is especially helpful when you are experiencing a slow day at work. Productivity might just place you on track for longer term career goals.





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Productivity Hacks To Do As Soon As You Get To Your Office

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