How to Overcome Relationship Anxiety

How to Overcome Relationship Anxiety

Posted by Kevindevoto on March 11, 2020
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Love is scary, exciting and amazing all at the same time. Relationship anxiety, where you are constantly worrying if your healthy relationship will last the test of time, is a real thing. It’s okay to feel this way, and it’s okay to push forward because you can get through it together.


Signs Of Relationship Anxiety


Relationship anxiety can happen at any point in your relationship. Many people feel it at the beginning when they’re not sure if they’re doing everything right to make it last. It’s scary to many as they begin to form a commitment to one another, but aren’t sure about how obstacles will interfere with that commitment. There’s a few prominent signs of this type of anxiety. You might be constantly worrying if your partner still loves you. They can tell you a million times, but in the back of your mind you wonder if you did anything to lose their interest. You may doubt your long term compatibility. You may think they’re going to jump ship at any point. You may try to pick fights to see how they react wondering if they’ll decide to leave you. You may miss out on good times because you’re fearing the worst instead of living in the moment. All of these are normal thoughts at times, but it’s when they take over your mind that your relationship anxiety is becoming an issue.




Communication is key to overcoming relationship anxiety. You have to speak with your partner about your fears. Sometimes they’re just as scared as you so it might come off as passive in the relationship. You may not understand how much they love you. They may not be as affectionate as you, and this needs to be communicated. If you’re fearful of your future together, lay it on the line. Explain your fears explaining to them exactly why you aren’t sure of your future. They may have some words of wisdom. They may make you feel comfortable and ease your anxiety. They won’t understand your feelings unless you’re open and honest.


Get Out Of Control


One main part of anxiety is trying to control the situation. You can’t control another person no matter how hard you try. Some of your partner’s habits may drive you mad. You can’t change little things about them. You have to let it slide or be ready to face the issues your anxiety brings to the table. You can communicate your wishes with your partner about the things you want them to work on, but you need to realize they can only do so much to work on themselves. If you don’t love them for these flaws, then you can get out of the relationship. You have to let them live their life as well. You cannot control much in life.


Remember Life Goes On


If all else fails and your relationship anxiety leads to a break up, remember that life goes on. If you experience heartbreak, you’ll find love again. This one wasn’t “the one.” The world won’t end. The other person will go on as well. It’ll be hard for a while, but remember you have people that truly love you. Your life is more than just a romantic relationship. It’s wonderful to share your life with another person, but that certain person just wasn’t for you. It’s a hard lesson to understand, but you will come out of this ordeal a better person.


Overall, relationship anxiety is something you can overcome to help you have a healthy relationship.  You might need some resources for overcoming relationship anxiety, but if you think this person is worth the fight, stay in the game and see where it goes even if it’s a little scary. If it’s true love, it’s worth the exciting ride.            


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How to Overcome Relationship Anxiety

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