Mix and Match Looks For Every Kind Of Date

Mix and Match Looks For Every Kind Of Date

Posted by Melissa Page on March 24, 2020
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Whether it’s for going out on a first date, or the fiftieth, picking the right outfit always seems to present a common dilemma among many women. Despite having a closet full of clothes, women often still end up asking themselves, “What am I going to wear?”

While buying an entirely new outfit might solve the problem outright, it’s not always the most practical solution. However, one could spend an hour or two looking through every item in the wardrobe, mix and match them up, and come up with the perfect outfit for a date that’s stylish, comfortable, and event-appropriate.

Need help in that department? Here are some fantastic ideas on how to mix and match pieces for every date.

1. Bring out the LBD for a Romantic Dinner Date

Dressing up for romantic dinner dates need equal consideration for both style and class. The classic little black dress that hugs the curves is always a great choice. Pick one that falls right before the knees and then pair it up with a pair of strappy sandals and an elegant clutch. Consider bringing a shawl or matching blazer to keep warm should one stay late in the night and the temperature falls.

To opt out of dresses, pull off an elegant dinner date outfit by pairing up old boyfriend jeans with an embellished crop blouse or an off-shoulder top, or any well-fitting denim jeans matched with a statement top (think along the lines of ruffled blouses, cut-outs, and one-shoulder tops).

An elegant jumpsuit paired with fancy heels is perfect as well.

2. Purge the Wardrobe and Leave Pieces for A Movie Date

Movie dates aren’t as sophisticated and fancy as romantic dinner dates are, but that doesn’t mean less effort to look gorgeous should be exerted. It’s easy to put together a fantastic movie date outfit from clothes in the closet because it could simply be casual and comfy. 

If the wardrobe has been left unmaintained for several months now, it’s probably time to declutter and sell pretty but unused things online, like tops, dresses, accessories, bags, and shoes. That should purge the closet and narrow down the clothing options that work best.

So, for movie dates, wear the most comfortable pair of jeans and pair them up with a cute top. Since the cinemas get cold, don’t forget to bring a coat, jacket, or cardigan. 

Finish the simple ensemble with a statement accessory and a pair of beautiful sandals or wedges. 

3. Go Cute and Casual for A Day-Out Date

Whether it’s going out with someone for the first time or hanging out with a longtime lover, casual day-outs are fun and easy to dress up for. Just keep the season and location in mind when doing so.

Midi dresses paired with sneakers are great for spring and summer dates, especially if it involves a relaxing time strolling at the park, going on a picturesque picnic, or eating brunch at a quaint restaurant.

If the date would likely go on until the evening, it’s best to wear something that can be layered. A pair of tattered jeans, a crop top, and a casual blazer is fantastic.

The blazer can be stylishly hung on the shoulder without fully putting it on. 

4. Wear Your Spirit for a Sports Game Date

Going to a sporting event? Make no mistake about overdressing for the occasion. While most women naturally want to look sexy and cool, it’s important not to go over-the-top. But, girl, don’t look frumpy, either!

Consider wearing your team’s color as a show of support, but ditch the jersey as they can be a bit of a cliché. Wear a denim bottom, a fun graphic top, and a pair of comfortable sneakers or flat sandals.

To look sporty but girly, a midi-dress or skater-style dress would be perfect. Finally, don’t over-accessorize. 

Dressing up for a date can get confusing even with the number of choices right in the closet, especially when one wants to impress. But it becomes easier once a personal style is established, and the nature of the intimate meeting is identified.

Whether it’s dressing up for a dinner date or dressing down for a picnic rendezvous, you need to remember to strike the perfect balance between style and comfort.


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Mix and Match Looks For Every Kind Of Date

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