Meet The Trendy Ladies Making Walmart Cool Again

Meet The Trendy Ladies Making Walmart Cool Again

Posted by Brianna Porter on June 22, 2016
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Be prepared to reconsider Target as your go-to one-stop shop!

Bethany Halford and Amanda Jerkins are the ladies behind the aptly-titled blog “Whoa, wait. Walmart?”, which is essentially a treasure trove of unbelievably trendy and high-quality finds from the somewhat-taboo supermarket Walmart. If you’re as skeptical as I first was about the idea, I can guarantee that all it takes is one look at their blog to see they’ve got impeccable taste (there’s a copper colander they shared that I’ve already got my eyes on). If you need more proof, Bethany and her husband had their first kiss in Florence, Italy (a tasteful choice for a first-kiss location) and Amanda has met Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono (separately, but still awesome) while working as a store designer at Crate & Barrel– classy lady alert! But don’t let these facts intimidate you, because these ladies couldn’t be more down-to-earth: Bethany cites letting plants die as one of her hobbies (us too, Bethany, us too…she also enjoys family bike rides, to be fair), and Amanda works so much that finding time to prepare healthy meals and workout is the last thing she’s thinking about (also relatable, except I don’t have a valid excuse like she does). I had the pleasure of chatting with them this week about their thoughts on break-ups, self care, and of course, Walmart, and what they had to say is equal parts insightful and relatable. Read on for some wisdom from the ladies here to keep you stylish without breaking the bank!


What do you ladies do and why do you do it?

BH: We share cool/trendy/great products from Walmart on our Instagram account and blog. I grew up shopping at Walmart, because my mom worked at their home office. It was never cool. Then one day, I didn’t care anymore. Sharing my cool finds became sort of a badge of honor or bragging rights. After starting a personal blog (RIP), I was doing a regular post called, Whoa, wait. Walmart?. When I was thinking of letting it stand alone, Amanda encouraged me to do so. That’s when I asked her to join me.

AJ: We like to think of ourselves as the every-girl’s personal shoppers at Walmart. We love weeding through loads of products to uncover the gems that are often times missed.


What is your favorite thing you’ve found at Walmart for the blog?

BH: White, outdoor web chairs (that I use indoors) marked down 50%.

AJ: Any of the 50 statement necklaces I’ve bought. The jewelry department has been knocking it out of the park lately.


How have you bounced back from a bad break-up?

BH: Ugly crying, over-analyzing with girlfriends, and valuing myself.

AJ: I got a boob job. Jk, but I’ve been with my husband for so long, I’ve forgotten all others before him, including break ups, but I’m guessing karaoke was involved.


What’s your favorite self-care ritual?

BH: Washing my face with coconut oil, yoga, and intentional alone time (that isn’t a chore or eating ice cream in my closet, hiding from my kids).

AJ: Shopping ALONE! I feel completely recharged when I have a couple of hours of alone time/retail therapy. Most of the time I don’t even buy anything! Ha!


Do you have a life motto or favorite quote you think of to get yourself through any bad days?

BH: Whenever we’re struggling through something, my husband and I always just look at each other and say, “God’s got this.” It’s so silly for us to worry about it.

AJ: When in doubt, eat ice cream. The good stuff. No one has time for crappy ice cream.


What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start up something similar to what you ladies have done?

BH: Be willing to work your booty off, engage with others who do things that you admire, and set aside your pride to have fun with it.

AJ: Work hard and keep moving! If you slow down, you’ll lose momentum and likely fizzle out.


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Meet The Trendy Ladies Making Walmart Cool Again

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