Do-It-Yourself Makeovers to Make You Feel Brand New

Do-It-Yourself Makeovers to Make You Feel Brand New

Posted by Kacey on July 11, 2017
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Self-care could not be more important—especially amidst work, school and social pressure. Stress builds up and breaks us down, and our skin, hair and nails suffer too. Our bodies are often neglected amidst our busy schedules, when taking care of yourself should be the first thing on our list of to-dos.

When we mentally hit rock bottom, a fresh start on the outside can help stimulate a fresh start on the inside. Treating yourself right allows you to take care of others and increases your self-esteem. Feeling good about how you look and feel maintains your mental health and increases productivity.

And the best part about makeovers? They don’t have to be expensive or difficult to achieve. Here are some do-it-yourself makeovers to help you heal, reset and feel like royalty.

A Face Mask

There is nothing more classic or classy than a good face mask. Your face is seen by everyone you meet all day long, and is surprisingly often neglected. Grease and dirt build up and clog your facial pores every time your face touches something! Dirty towels, pillow cases, phone screens and unwashed hands are common culprits when it comes to break outs and black heads.

And even if you’re diligent about washing your towels and keeping things off your face—which is almost impossible—dust and resin land on your skin and add to the natural oils your body produces anyway. By the time you think to do a face mask and allow your skin to reset, you’re already long overdue!

Drug store face masks aren’t all bad, and grabbing one for 5 dollars or less is a great way to try it out, if you’ve never done one before! However, visiting a beauty store will give you more options and present you with higher-quality products.

Of course, if you’d rather lie-low and stay at home, there are dozens of awesome DIY face mask recipes to experiment with! Give one a shot—your skin will thank you.

Give Those Locks Some Love

Maybe there’s a reason a lot of women get a fresh cut after a breakup. Switching up your hair style, even in the slightest of ways, can completely reinvent your look.

Think about the products you’re using on your hair. If you haven’t changed your shampoo or conditioner in a while, give yourself a new smell and pamper your hair a bit with salon-formulated products. Invest in a good heat protectant, curling iron, and straightener if you don’t own them already. And then enjoy yourself! Try out different styles, and invest a bit more time in your hair before you leave the morning—your boost in confidence might surprise you.

Adding length has never been easier, too. Getting hair extensions is a great way to reinvent your look, without dying or chopping off the hair you have. Considering natural and high-grade hair extensions could be the key to your new look.

Pluck, Trim, Shave and Exfoliate!

Okay, we’ve all done the no-shaving-for-a-month thing, but it’s seriously time to get a grip. You deserve those silky legs girl!

A good grooming session is the perfect confidence boost. Well-manicured eyebrows can completely change the look of your face, and if done right, can enhance your every feature. Find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face type and enjoy creating the new you!

Shaving and trimming all the hair below the waist will make you feel fresh, clean and sexy. Be sure to exfoliate before and after your shave, to get the best results.

A good lotion is also the perfect cherry topper to a complete shave. Because your legs lose a lot of moisture and natural oils after a close shave, be sure to replenish the skin with a nourishing lotion or after-shave oil. Your skin will glow like new, and you’ll feel like a princess. Totally worth it!

Nailed It

If you don’t think a good manicure will make you feel fresh and beautiful, you’ve never had one. Aside from being healthy and clean, trimming and caring for your nails will make everything you do with your hands ten times more enjoyable. And what do you do with your hands? Basically everything!

Picking out a new nail polish color is always fun, and painting your nails can be a great social event too! Invite a friend over and give one another a manicure, or talk on the phone while you wait for your nails to dry. It’s a great way to treat yourself to a little social time, and you time, all at once!

Check out these killer nail polish brands to get inspired!

A rejuvenating makeover doesn’t have to break your bank or be extreme. Take care of yourself, and you can bring so much more to those around you!


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Do-It-Yourself Makeovers to Make You Feel Brand New

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