Short Month, Short Men

February has almost come to a close, and as the shortest month of the year, it has definitely come and gone rather quickly. But this short month has its perks (long weekend during President’s Day for most of us, and Valentine’s Day can be fun whether you are in a relationship or single!) and jumps us into daylight savings time and soon to be spring.

Since we have so much love for short-month February, we also wanted to share our love for short-ass guys, and why you should give them a chance! With height “requirements” listed as deal breakers for a lot of single gals (everyone even follows the trend of posting their height on Tinder these days), we want to change your mind and encourage you to broaden your dating horizons. Here are some great reasons to date the shorter guy.


1. He is confident. Sure, he might’ve been teased in high school and perhaps his buddies might still take jabs at him, but he’s been through all that and knows what he has to offer a woman, and that a girl a few inches taller than him is no hurdle to be afraid of! And c’mon, confidence is sexy.


2. You can dress comfy when you go out (AKA heels aren’t required). It especially comes as a shock seeing a 5’2 girl with a 6’4 guy. What if you want to lean over and smack a wet one on him?! With a shorter guy, you can lean right over (in your flats or flip flops) and kiss him whenever you want.


3. This may just be a rumor but…what they lack in height they can most certainly make up for in the bedroom. We are ok with letting that rumor spread more.


4. You can easily borrow his clothes & look cute, not like you are swimming in a sweatshirt. Sure, it can be comfortable to wear some baggy, oversized sweats but what if you have an impromptu sleepover on a weekday and need to put something together for work the next day? Borrow his button down, tuck it into your skirt or pants and you won’t look like you’re making the walk of shame. And who’s to say he won’t still have some sweats and shirts that’ll still be baggy and soft


5. He is more sensitive and will try to make sure he is making you happy. Ok, this might not count for ALL short men, but, for the most part, especially if you are taller than your man, he knows to be appreciative. Consider this: he’s had slim pickings in the dating pool – he knows he has to hold you tight and treat you right – and when that happens, an inch or two won’t even be a big deal.


So what are you waiting for? Go get on some dates, stop asking for a guy’s height and just see what happens. You’re cutting out a big population of the dating pool with your silly deal breakers. Love the short. Remember, some the best things come in small packages.

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