Interview with Make-up Artist & Entrepreneur Jeanine Lobell

What do you do and why do you do it?

Well, I do two things. I am a makeup artist, which I love because it’s exciting and very creative. No two jobs are ever the same, its always new and most of the time interesting. I like the whole group process. Everyone coming together to realize the photographers vision that day. But really the best part is that I love making women feel beautiful. So, I guess it is not surprising that I would want to do an app that makes women feel better about themselves, too! We created Rx Break Up to feel like the smartest, nicest friend giving you the best advice ever on how to survive a break up.

What’s the best gift you ever got?

I have been given so many amazing gifts I feel very spoiled in that regard. But if I had to pick I would say my Botero drawing of a matador. It’s hanging in my dining room and I look at it all the time and I can’t believe I get to have it in my house.

What’s the worst gift you ever got? 

There is a pretty substantial parade of bad sweaters in my house.

What’s your advice for all things love, sex and dating?

I have of plenty to offer but the most important thing I really believe is that there is someone out there for everyone so don’t give up on that. It’s super important to keep an open mind and not get all hung up on how that person is supposed to look or what kind of job they should have, etc. We tend to have some pretty hard to live up to criteria, instead of just seeing what and who comes our way. Be yourself – if you sell yourself as someone different, than you are stuck being that other person in the relationship. You want someone to fall in love with YOU not some fantasy you have served up.

What’s your go to pick me up?

A good old fashioned cup of PG Tips English Tea and a swipe of red lipstick always makes me feel better.

Tell us about your first heartbreak…

Oh man, I am still upset over Chris Ambrose my high school boyfriend who decided my best friend was the upgrade he was looking for. He did try coming back and I went with it for a minute only to pay him back by dropping him. We actually ended up good friends which should go in my advice section. Try to be friends with your ex if they are basically a good person.

Tell us about a time you Bounced Back better than ever…

I honestly can’t even answer this one I am so sorry can’t remember!!

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