Interview With Fitness Expert & Celeb Trainer Lacey Stone

Interview With Fitness Expert & Celeb Trainer Lacey Stone

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on January 27, 2016
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I met Lacey at a Spin class she ran at FlyWheel in Larchmont Village. It was a charity ride she was leading to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. How do I put this? Lacey is a total bad ass. She’s strong, full of energy, full of life and full of wisdom. She absolutely whips your ass but somehow makes you want to sing at the same time. She’s transformed the bodies, habits and lives of celebrities and regular joes alike. We got to talk to her about all things breakup and bounce back. We’re not surprised, but turns out she’s an inspirational in an interview as she is in circuit training!
What do you do and why do you do it?
I’m a Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Expert. I love inspiring people to be their best from the inside out. Fitness is the avenue I chose to make my passion my career.
What’s the best gift you ever got?
My closest friends just being there… Great friends are such gifts.
What’s the worst gift you ever got?
My mom bought me this random purse… I don’t use a purse by the way, (wink, wink).
What’s your advice for all things love, sex and dating?
“Forgive Quickly, Kiss Slowly, Love Truly” – James Dean
What’s your go to pick me up?
Starbucks Iced Red-Eye, BOOM!
Tell us about your first heartbreak…
Oh boy, that’s easy… Her name was Jamie Cassidy and she was a Junior on my college basketball team when I was a freshman. She was my first kiss, she was my first love, she was my everything. It ended tragically with a cheating episode, but it made me a stronger person so there’s that.
Tell us about a time you Bounced Back better than ever…
After my divorce in 2012 life wasn’t feeling so hot. I had moved from NY to LA and my thriving fitness career was in the dumps in the new Los Angeles Market… I thought should I move back to NY or start a new chapter in LA. I decided to stick it out, I don’t like looking back. I created a new fitness method called 8 Weeks To Change and it’s become wildly successful being recently featured on The Steve Harvey Show & The Doctors. The program inspired me to write my first book and we are in talks to make it a digital series. This program was created out of the pain I went through after my divorce… It healed me and I wanted to share it with anyone and everybody looking to change their life and their bodies from the inside out.
Sometimes our darkest hours are the inspiration for our brightest future.

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Interview With Fitness Expert & Celeb Trainer Lacey Stone

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