Incredibly Useful Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Incredibly Useful Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Posted by Kacey on February 11, 2020
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Every year, more young people want to travel the world. They look at inspiring photos of gorgeous destinations every day on social media and want to experience it for themselves. When you finally get the opportunity to book your seat on the next plane out of town, it’s exciting to imagine everything you’ll see and do.

Young women may also experience a significant amount of anxiety regarding traveling. If they aren’t exploring the world with family or friends, it’s hard for them to feel safe. After all, news stories commonly feature women going missing because they were alone. Still, that fear doesn’t have to keep you locked up at home while you wish you were somewhere else.

Here are some incredibly useful safety tips to use on your next vacation. They’re easy to do and applicable to almost every trip, so you can implement them again in the future if they help you feel safe and secure.

1. Share Your Final Itinerary

When you or your friends go out on a first date with a stranger, women commonly text each other about where and when it will take place. If the friend doesn’t respond to texts or let the group chat know they got home safely, it may signify they’re not OK.

Solo female travelers often use this same tip while they’re away from home. Once you’ve decided on the final version of your itinerary, share it with your closest friends and family. Check in with them when your plane lands, when you wake up in the morning and after you’ve had a great day. You’ll have people ready to call for help if something bad were to happen.

2. Research International Phone Plans

Once you’re out of the country, you’ll be outside your phone provider’s service area. That limits you to only texting people when you have access to Wi-Fi, but what if you need help while you’re away from your hotel? Research international phone plans to compare prices and coverage maps so you can always reach someone if you have to. You’ll get access to data and better cell reception, which could make all the difference in a bad situation.

3. Get Private Burglar Alarms

Most women carry a self-defense weapon, like pepper spray or a pocket knife. Take your safety one step further and look for private burglar alarms so you’re protected while you sleep. Portable door or window alarms will wake you up if someone tries to sneak in and potentially alert local authorities.

4. Avoid Using Rideshare Apps

You’d never jump in a car with a stranger, but that’s precisely what happens when you download and use a rideshare app. There have been many incidents where drivers weren’t vetted and put female riders at risk, so it’s better to stick with public transportation instead. Riding a bus or carpooling with a friend to the airport helps guarantee your safety and may be the cheaper option as well.

5. Copy All Important Documents

While you travel, you might carry your ID, passport and other essential documents with you. You don’t want to keep them in your purse, which could get stolen, and you don’t want to leave them at the mercy of hotel staff. Still, you have to store them somewhere. It’s smart to copy all important documents to a cloud drive so if the real copies were to go missing, you would still have everything you need to file a report and get home.

Think Five Steps Ahead

The best way for solo female travelers to ensure their safety is to think five steps ahead. Plan for how things could go wrong before you ever leave home. Things like avoiding rideshare apps and getting private portable alarms could help make every trip a fun and safe experience.


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Incredibly Useful Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

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