To Improve Your Life, Start With The Small Things

To Improve Your Life, Start With The Small Things

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on September 4, 2017
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You’ve decided to do more sport, eat healthier, and not spend as much time on Netflix. Great. Is it working yet? Sometimes, the lack of immediate results can be incredibly demotivating. If you want to start instantaneously improving your life, it can be much more beneficial to start with the small things.

Here are some things you can get going with – once you’ve succeeded, you can tackle the big things with all your new energy and motivation.

  1. Clean Up

Make your bed. Clean up your flat. Do all the dishes – not just what you need to cook or eat. Dust under things instead of just around them.

Studies have shown that living in a clean and orderly place makes people happy – although it may be difficult to maintain at first. It’s also been shown that by making your bed the first thing in the morning, you’re setting yourself up for a successful day.

So get the cleaning supplies and spend a bit extra time with them each day. Your Netflix binge won’t start without you.


  1. De-clutter Your Life

This doesn’t just apply to your flat – your work desk, handbag, car, and desktop screen can all do with a de-clutter. Clear out things you no longer need, and if you can, use them for a good purpose, like recycling or donation.

If you have some outdated tech stuff, get rid of that too. It can be easy to cling to old phones and laptops, thinking they may come in handy again one day – but be honest with yourself about what you’re realistically going to use. You may even be able to make some money off it with a laptop or IPhone trade in – and just think of all the new things you can then buy!


  1. Eat Better Food

This may not seem like a small thing, but you don’t necessarily have to radically switch your diet to make a difference – just make small improvements. The next time you pick up lunch at the supermarket, grab some fruit instead of a bag of chips to snack on. Make your salad with vinegar dressing instead of mayonnaise. Buy some low carb chocolate bars instead of the double chocolate nutty ones. The more of these small changes you make, the less changing your diet will seem like a chore. Don’t worry – the occasional pizza is still allowed!


  1. Re-Decorate

You’ve already cleaned up and de-cluttered, and that’s great – now, it’s time for something new. If you don’t already have one, get an indoor plant. Studies have shown that indoor plants can actually boost your mood and health. If you don’t think you’ll be able to keep it alive, try something low maintenance like a cactus. Alternatively, shop for some new posters and paintings that will make you smile when you see them.


  1. Practice Yoga

If you’ve never tried it, give yoga a chance. It’s an easy morning work-out that’ll wake you up and help you start the day with more energy – and you’ll probably end up loving it. Start with some of the easier positions and work your way up to the scorpion.


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To Improve Your Life, Start With The Small Things

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