How Bad Sex is Like… Mondays

How Bad Sex is Like… Mondays

Posted by Cassie Ciopryna on June 29, 2015
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There are many terrible things in our lives that are comparable to bad sex. If you have the Monday blues, we’re not sure which one is worse. Here’s why they’re alike.

Why? This is the question you ask yourself while you’re lying there in bed, looking at the clock. Over and over, you think, why me? But you know somehow, you’re not alone here.

You think about how the weekend was so much better. The weekend, Brad…you know, better things. And now here you are.

There’s a while until this is over. It lasts a long time. That can be good in some instances, but clearly not in this case. You just want time to fly by…but you know, as they say, time only flies when you’re having fun.

You’re tired. Maybe it’s because you stayed up too late Sunday night, or maybe you’re just so bored that you’re getting sleepy. We all know about that midday slump.

You start reminiscing of better times. Remember that party Saturday night? Dancing the night away, laughing.. can you rewind so that you don’t have to end up here again?

You have to see all of your coworkers again. Wait I mean, what? This shouldn’t be happening. Just kidding. Hey, I’m not really sure what you’re into.


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How Bad Sex is Like… Mondays

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