Halloween Date Night Ideas

Halloween Date Night Ideas

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on October 31, 2019
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Halloween is a night filled with frights, fun, and (more often than not), a few hookups. There’s just something about the scares and new, costumed identities that spark a sexual thrill and bring you closer to your boo. 


If you and your partner are looking to spice things up this Halloween, consider using the season to inspire a unique, but fun date night! Here are some ideas to make your holiday the most fun:



Try a couple’s costume


Whether you’re attending a big party or enjoying a private evening together, there’s nothing more romantic than dressing up in complementary costumes on Halloween night. Pop culture couples, punny ideas, or purely sexy pairings can be perfect costumes for you and a significant other. No matter which type you choose, slipping into a new, roleplaying world with your partner can be exciting, thrilling, and romantic. If you need a little inspiration, check out this guide to the sexiest Halloween costumes (based on Pornhub stats). Use these to come up with the perfect pairing for you and your partner and spice things up (think: nurse and patient, teacher and naughty student, or superhero and criminal):


Be thrilled on a haunted hayride

Need an excuse to get close to your date? Then bundle up together under a blanket on a chilly, scary hayride! Scooch closer as zombies grab at your feet or chainsaw-wielding monsters chase you, and feel safe in your partner’s arms. You can find a haunted hayride near you and pair the night with a nearby restaurant to enjoy some coffee or hot cider. Recollect together after the ride to share some laughs over the scares, and see where the night takes you!



Cuddle by a bonfire

Or, if you’d rather have a more private night, consider cuddling up together by the fire and enjoying the fall night sky. The quiet and fire’s warmth can be very romantic and provide a great opportunity to open up and talk all night long. If you have any leftover candy from trick-or-treaters, consider cooking it up in a Halloween-based s’more. Then, take the night inside and watch a scary movie with a warm fall cocktail and some popcorn for a cozy, charming night-in together.



Carve a pumpkin

There’s nothing more Halloween-inspired than a good, old-fashioned pumpkin carving. Visit your local farmer’s market, grab two pumpkins and dive in! Try a little flirty competition to see who can make the better pumpkin, or try to carve out a character from a recent movie you watched together. However you go about it, it should be a great way to introduce some unusual fun into your night and bond as a couple. Then, once you’re both done, you might have to clean off and, well… there’s only one shower, right?


Just be sure that you’re ready if the date segues into the bedroom that night. Whether you or your partner need help enjoying the moment or performing, be sure to think ahead so nothing comes between you and Halloween-inspired pleasure. A little lubricant can help make things much more comfortable, and a topical spray to avoid premature ejaculation can keep the moment hot for longer. Preparation is key to finishing out the night strong and cementing your spooktastic bond.


This Halloween, take some of these ideas or follow your own inspiration to have a thrilling, romantic evening with your partner in crime!


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Halloween Date Night Ideas

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