Glorious Festival Outfits You Won’t Want to Miss

Glorious Festival Outfits You Won’t Want to Miss

Posted by Sophia Smith on April 13, 2018
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From the world-renowned Coachella, Golden Plains, Burning Man, all the way to Field Day, the world is brimming with festivals beloved by any fashionista who knows how to rock her own look. Luckily for us, even if you sometimes lack the inspiration to invent yet another glorious ensemble, there are so many already incredible outfit ideas perfect for upcoming festivals that you can borrow the foundation from these ladies and build them up to your own style.

Let’s take a look at a few timeless, effortless, yet majestic combos and overall fashion directions to guide your next festival look-book!

Think country thoughts

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It’s one of those comfortable looks that is not reserved solely for the festivals of country music but is welcome in any possible occasion. If you’ve rocked this look before, then you know that a pair of denim shorts, with or without folk-inspired print, a funky top with some perky fringe, and a pair of incredible cowboy boots can go a long way in creating that authentic vibe.

However, if you’re new to the look, then you can start small, with a handful of carefully-chosen details to define your outfitting options. Think: a cowboy hat, which is as stylish as it’s functional, a plaid shirt just in case it gets colder at night, and something with ruffles such as a Revolve top to test the waters of country.

Urban is in

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With so many sporty collections hitting the shelves as we speak, including the famous Rihanna’s empowering combos, it’s no wonder that this street style is one of the most coveted looks for festivals all over the globe. It screams comfort, and gives you that rebellious, edgy attitude perfect for a confidence boost.

The essentials for such a look include your feisty leather jacket, a crop top with a funky quote or a brand logo to show off your loyalty, and a pair of classic white H&M sneakers that will take care of your feet for the duration of all the dancing and jumping around. If the festival takes place in the sun, as most of them do, make sure that black is not the dominant color of your ensemble, and your skin will appreciate it!

Boho chic rules

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This is by far the most beloved look for ladies and gents alike since it personifies the free-spirited essence of these events, as well as the people who attend them. Of course, there are so many ways to introduce several key details of this look to your style, but rest assured that an entire outfit in the spirit of boho is much better than just a detail or two.

First and foremost, floral dresses, lace, long, breezy skirts, and suede everything paired with a hairdo with a few braids here and there are the safe go-to for any festival. A modern twist on this timeless style means wearing bold pieces such as the Seafolly Inka Rib swimsuit tops instead of your classic crop, or even a floral kaftan with your denim shorts. Yes, these delicate picks are perfect with your folksy linen pants, and you can wrap up the look with a pair of suede sandals!

Festive accessories

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Purpose paired with style is the best mindset for these events, since you’ll spend hours outdoors, sometimes in the sun, while sometimes looking out for potential rain, and always in need of a refreshing lip balm. To that end, pick the items that resonate with your look of choice, or completely stand out compared to the rest of your outfit – massive statement layered necklaces, bracelets in a multitude of hues all the way to your elbows and hair accessories are the way to go.

Of course, don’t forget your sunglasses, and the classic aviator Ray Ban never disappoints, while a Fedora or a cowboy hat add an extra layer of protection when the sun is scorching hot. A bag is a must, so choose something durable, easy to wear, and with enough room to keep your essentials always with you – a bottle of fresh water, some lip gloss, and a lightweight raincoat such as Plumo often top the list.

Layers are always welcome

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Yet another element of purpose, but not at the cost of your inner fashionista’s pride, is wearing layers that you can easily put on and off when needed, to meet the changing weather and stay comfortably warm. That means either your checkered shirt (steal a couple from your man’s wardrobe), or some lightweight knitted tops to throw over your cotton t-shirt.

Tights and leggings in curious prints are sometimes a girl’s best friend when evenings grow colder, but you can layer with some quirky shorts, or pick a pair of fishnet tights in case the forecast is particularly friendly. Hoodies are another festival favorite, so don’t leave your college one at home!



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Glorious Festival Outfits You Won’t Want to Miss

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